Rob Font on why he didn’t sue USADA after false allegations

Rob Font USADA

Rob font on USADA test

After defeating Cody Garbrandt in May, Rob Font was unfortunate enough to have been flagged by USADA for a banned substance. While speaking to Ariel Helwani, Font explained how the situation worked out for him.

“I knew I wasn’t taking anything and I wasn’t too worried about it but when you get USADA calling, saying you got the red flag for something, it was frighting and I worried for a little bit but I knew deep down that I didn’t take anything.”

While the allegations could have put Font in an awkward situation, Jeff Novitzky, who is the Senior Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance for the UFC and Donna Marcolini, who is the UFC-Vice President Athlete Health & Performance were able to assist Font with his appeal.

“I think everything worked out perfectly. I feel like everybody almost felt bad for me. There was a lot of people reaching out like, ‘I’m real sorry’. Everybody’s telling me to sue everybody.

“I knew I didn’t do anything wrong, my team got behind it. Jeff and Donna were with me. Once we did that we just had to go through the hearing and it was a done deal but I feel like I haven’t gotten any hate or backlash at all from fans. To be honest I think people kind of forgot about it too.”

Legal action?

Font didn’t feel the need to sue USADA as he understood the issue only came because of a new method of testing.

“I was like, alright, cool. They changed the ruling, they changed how they even take the test and I was the next one.

“It was the shampoo, it was the cosmetic products that I was taking in the hemp lotion. It had a chemical in it and that was it, it popped.

“They just switched how they tested it so once I found that out I was cool with it, I was passed it, I was like cool I’m moving on to the next one.”

While Font was understanding, the process itself was quite arduous.

“It was annoying, it was a solid three weeks of just putting together receipts of exactly what I ate fight week, the weeks leading up to fight week, going around, calling stores, getting products, reading the labels.

“It was tough, we had to basically prove our case and that’s the first thing Donna and Jeff notified us, ‘you have no wrongdoing here, just this is what we have to do’ and then once we found out what we had to do, we, the team, put our heads down and just figured out the problem.”

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