Rob Font previews Jose Aldo UFC bout

Rob Font Jose Aldo

Rob Font vs Jose Aldo

As his fight with Jose Aldo draws nearer, Rob Font discussed with Ariel Helwani how he looks towards the fight and how he looks forward to the challenge.

Comparing the bout to his first in the UFC, Font doesn’t feel like much has changed in terms of preparation or fears but that now he can look forward to it being against a legend like the former featherweight champ.

He said: “Same thing. Get the same feeling, same pressures, nothing’s changed, it’s just that you finally get to do it on Aldo.

“It seems familiar, I’m hyped for the challenge and I feel like this is going to force me to get a lot more creative in there and make him work a lot harder.”

While Aldo has been without a belt for a while now, Font doesn’t believe that it’s anything to do with a deterioration of skills. font expects to go up against a talented fighter on Sunday.

He continued: “He looks sharp, he looks dangerous, he’s putting together combinations. I mean, tough fight. It’s Aldo, tough fight.

“I’m not looking past him at all, I’m putting everything into this camp and this is going to be another tough five-round fight.”

Path to the title

Despite the fact that he said he isn’t looking past Aldo, Font seems to have his next fights planned out if he does win.

After Ariel Helwani asked him if the winner of Sunday’s fight should go against TJ Dillashaw for the number one contender spot, Font responded with a preferable option.

“That’d be cool man, I hope that’s the plan. Perfect world, that’s exactly how it plays out. Best case scenario, they do strip Aljamain and make me and Petr fight for the belt.

“That’d be a perfect world, second case scenario would be me fighting TJ and I think, beating a guy like Aldo and then beating a guy like TJ, you can’t deny me the belt.

“So that’d be another lock-in but that’s a rougher route. That’s two legends back-to-back but there’s options.”

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