“I think he’s overachieved” – Din Thomas’ Rob Font vs Jose Aldo pick

Rob Font Jose Aldo

Rob Font vs Jose Aldo picks

Michael Chiesa, Rashad Evans and Din Thomas joined ESPN MMA to give their predictions for Rob Font and Jose Aldo’s main-event bout.

The bout will take place in Vegas with the winner expected to receive the next title shot.

Michael Chiesa’s pick

Michael Chiesa made the first pick and believed that Rob Font could come away with the win against Aldo.

While Font’s reasoning may have been focused on where he’s fighting out of, he still decided to pick Rob Font and pointed towards his team, The New England Cartel, as a part of his decision.

“Rob Font’s been putting it together really well, Jose Aldo’s resurgence has been phenomenal but I just think if Rob Font can pull off the win, the Patriots can win the Super Bowl, there’s something going on in New England, Boston.

“I just got to lean towards the guy from The New England Cartel. I’m taking Rob Font.”

Rashad Evans’ pick

Evans has a different opinion to Chiesa and while he agreed with the notion that font was amazing he agreed more with the idea that Jose Aldo has had an amazing resurgence.

“Rob Font has been amazing, electric with that jab, sliding in with that jab but like you [Chiesa] said, the resurgence of Aldo is something special.

“To be able to do it at this age, to recreate the puzzle in his mind again, to go after another title, I got Aldo on this one.”

Din Thomas’ pick

Din Thomas was even more set on his decision of Aldo, even going as far as to say that Font had overachieved to get to where he is.

“Look at this guy [Aldo], he’s built like a Greek god, look at him.

“Rob Font is great but I think he’s overachieved, I think he’s in over his head in this fight.

“I think Aldo is just too much, he’s the king of Rio for a reason. He gets the job done.”

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