Petr Yan is sceptical of Aljamain Sterling’s surgery timing

Yan Sterling

“Sneaky fox.”

Petr Yan expressed his frustration at Aljamain Sterling for “ducking” their fight on medical grounds. Grounds that he didn’t deem sufficient for delaying their rematch.

After losing by disqualification in a fight that he had otherwise been dominating, Yan wanted to become the champion against the current belt holder.

“Of Course, I wanted to regain my belt in a rematch with Sterling but as we all know, he ran away like a sneaky fox.

“Sterling is chicken bro, I don’t want to talk about him.”

When asked a follow-up question on the nature of their rivalry, Yan explained that there was nothing personal between the two but he expressed doubt on the urgency or even the necessity of Sterling’s surgery.

“Nothing personal, it’s just his decision to make this surgery right now. I don’t know why hasn’t done it earlier or maybe later but now he has the whole division in a mess.

“When people have neck pain I don’t see them sparring with someone without any headgear. It’s just ridiculous.”

Yan’s Interim Bout

While the belt he will be fighting for is now an interim one, Yan believes he will see himself as the division champion afterwards. He does, however, want to avoid labelling himself as one now without the belt.

“I don’t want to consider myself a champion when I don’t have a belt. Right now I’m the number one ranked Bantamweight in the division and I’m ready to prove that I’m the best in the division.”

Following the controversial loss in his previous bout against Sterling, Yan believes that he hasn’t really lost much beyond money.

“I like to leave the past behind and not focus on the past and just focus on what’s in front of me and I have a lot of things to accomplish in the future so I don’t focus about the past.

“The only thing I really lost is money but everything else is still with me. Desire to win the belt, desire to move forward to win and I’m still hungry.”

Yan will fight for the interim belt against Cory Sandhagen and with the state the division is currently in, Yan was happy to accept this bout.

“I wasn’t really hoping for anyone else. Sandhagen and Dillashaw had a close fight and Dillashaw is injured.

“I don’t think he won that fight. It was a very very close fight but he didn’t win that fight.”

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