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Paulo Costa seems to be ignoring Dana White’s orders

Paulo Costa Dana White

Dana White has been clear on what he needs to see if Paulo Costa is to compete again

Before Paulo Costa fought Marvin Vettori, two things became abundantly clear. Costa wasn’t going to be able to cut to the necessary weight by the time he reached Vegas and he wasn’t going to accept that he messed up.

Costa’s attitude at the time was beyond confusing with his comments constantly contradicting his actions. One person who definitely wasn’t happy with the situation at the time was Dana White.

Vettori Costa

“He’s a light heavyweight,” said White at the event’s post-fight press conference.

“He was in shape. It’s not like the guy showed up out of shape, or the guy has lost his mind and wasn’t training for this fight and just showed up and was overweight.

“He obviously trained. He can’t make ’85. It just goes to show you that he cannot make 185 pounds.

“We absolutely tell you where to fight when this happens. He’s going to have to fight at 205.”

Fast forward to the present

With White’s message seeming crystal clear to most, Costa’s manager’s latest comments seem ridiculous.

“The UFC is not the biggest fighting company in the world by chance,” said Wallid Ismail to

“They know that ‘Borrachinha’ was injured and that’s why he had problems with his weight. There is no doubt his next fight will take place in the middleweight division.”

Costa’s credibility has taken a massive hit after the way he handled the Vettori situation. His inability at the time to put his hand up and say, ‘Sorry, I missed weight, let’s have a catchweight bout’ baffled Vettori at the time.

White even praised how well Vettori handled the situation at the time, saying, “You have to give all the credit to Vettori. This guy was willing to fight at any weight and he didn’t let any of this stuff mess with his head.”

If Wallid’s comments weren’t already particularly baffling to fans who had been following the situation at the time, what he said next to Sherdog made his points sound particularly hollow.

“We will fight whoever the UFC decides. I keep believing that ‘Borrachinha’ will be the champion.

“He just has to train right. His biggest problem is that he trains too much. If he trains correctly, I have no doubt no one in that division can beat him.”

While Costa’s abilities aren’t what’s in question here, in the unlikely circumstance that White changes his mind about Costa’s weight class, it probably won’t be because he thinks Costa has been working too hard.

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