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Rose Namajunas discusses personal child abuse in midst of latest allegations against Pat Barry

Rose Namajunas abuse

Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry discuss her history of child abuse.

Sean Strickland recently brought accusations of Pat Barry being a predator back into the light, with claims that he had groomed/abused his now fiance, Rose Namajunas.

While Barry denied the claims, he does maintain that Namajunas did in fact have a history of being abused as a child.

“Like, the people who know Rose’s actual history about being groomed since she was six years old…” said Barry on The MMA Hour, assuming that most people knew.

The MMA Hour host, Ariel Helwani, then asked Barry to repeat what he had said because he, like many, wouldn’t have been aware of Namajunas’ history. Namajunas, who was also present for the interview, then said, “I think on the Ultimate fighter I said I had a history of being abused since I was a little kid, I thought everybody knew that.”

Barry also seemed to assume that most people knew about the situation and even said with a smile, ‘Something about that’ is coming out.

Pat Barry allegations

The conversation arose as Helwani allowed Barry to clear the air on their relationship as Strickland’s comment had brought a lot of new attention to old allegations.

Barry trained Namajunas as a minor and subsequently dated her years after she had begun training under him.

Strickland still called Barry out for grooming as they began to form an emotional attachment while she was still a minor.

Given the opportunity to explain his own personal situation with Namajunas, Barry claimed that the matter was simply a misunderstanding from an article that made a mistake. He didn’t wish to elaborate much further.

He said: “We don’t sweat that, we haven’t sweat that for years. Like I said this is no matter what happens even if I tell you exactly how it went down. That’s gonna get brought up.

“We don’t… we’ve passed that years ago. It used to be a moment… Then we found we found out, just like the dead versus red that got spun way out of control. We found found the article. ”

“Don’t have to get in touch with anybody. We know that everyone out there is going off of something that’s not right. And there’s no point trying to go and correct everyone and try to get the word out.”

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