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“I’m not getting paid my worth” – Paddy Pimblett claims poor pay is his reason for inactivity

Paddy Pimblett Conor McGregor

Paddy Pimblett claims he gets paid more for what he does outside the octagon..

It comes as no surprise that fighters in the UFC aren’t impressed with their paychecks but Paddy Pimblett in particular had a poor pay day after his last fight, considering how well known he is.

Pimblett is relatively new to the UFC but this does mean that he can make more money from other ventures than he can from fighting, which seems like it could be detrimental to his drive.

“I make more money outside the octagon,” said Pimblett.

“It makes me laugh when people are commenting on my stuff and things saying, ‘He’s not active enough. He doesn’t fight enough. He should be fighting four times a year.’

“Why? Why should I fight four times a year? Give me a reason when I’m earning more outside the cage than I am in it.”

Paddy Pimblett

Fan comments

Pimblett appreciates his fans but doesn’t plan on paying too much heed to what they suggest, especially after some recent tweets he’s received.

“I’ve had people tweeting me in the past few weeks saying, ‘We want to see him face Makhachev, we want to see him face Ferguson, we want to see him face Gaethje,’ I’m like what?!

“I won’t be fighting them for about three years and then that’s if they’re still at the top of the game by then. There’s no point.

“The fans don’t always see, do they? They’re just, ‘I want to see this, I want to see that.’ You can understand it. You want to see fights don’t you as a fight fan?

“The one I always get is, ‘We want to see you fight ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley.’ I’m like, there’s 20 pounds between us, how are we meant to fight?

“I could never make 145 again. It’s not happening. I’m going the other way. There’s no way that fight happens but it still gets tweeted to me multiple times a week. One’s way bigger than the other (laughs).”

Why fight?

If he’s not fighting the top opposition and getting paid enough, it does beg the question, what’s keeping Paddy ‘The Baddy’ going?

As much as his MMA career has made him famous enough to make money from other areas, Pimblett claims he continues to fight because he loves it.

“You want to fight to keep things going but as I’ve just said, I just genuinely like fighting. Don’t know what it is. If no one else got paid, and everyone was doing it for free, then I’d fight for free.

“But everyone else is getting paid, and some of them are getting paid their worth, I’m not getting paid my worth so there’s no point in rushing back into the cage when I can eat burgers like this and sit and chill.”

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