Paddy Pimblett believes fighting Conor McGregor would be the biggest box office ever

Paddy Pimblett Conor McGregor

Paddy Pimblett believes that if he ever fights Conor McGregor, it will be the biggest box office the UFC will ever see.

Paddy Pimblett is not shy of confidence and especially wasn’t when he said that the only fighter that will be a bigger pay-per-view draw at the end of 2022 will be Conor McGregor.

Needless to say, McGregor’s name always guarantees a big payday for the UFC but Pimblett’s claims would mean that he would be doing bigger numbers than Jorge Masvidal after just four fights in the UFC.

“I think I’m going to go 3-0 in the UFC and I’m going to become the biggest box office name they’ve got… besides Conor McGregor,” said Pimblett when discussing his goals for 2022.

Pimblett’s confidence that he can reach that point by the end of the year is a big claim and his lack of doubt in that statement is even more unusual.

“Yeah, besides him because he has the name,” said Pimblett after Brett Okamoto questioned the timeline of his goals.

“I know for a fact if I fought him it would be the most box offices sold ever. Without a shadow of a doubt.

“People want to see him get beat and people want to see him win and people want to see me get beat and people want to see me win.”

Big Goals

Okamoto still didn’t seem to buy that buy that and asked how Pimblett expected to achieve that.

“Cause I’m The Baddy. I’ve got a little saying. ‘Everyone loves The Baddy.’ Everyone lad, it’s boss. It’s a great feeling.

“Obviously, you get a few haters and trolls and idiots online on my Youtube and my Insta. I get lots of love. It’s 95% love so nowadays I don’t let the 5% hate get to me. I just laugh.”

Pimblett may think he’ll be a massive draw by the end of the year but his view on getting a fight at Anfield is more measured.

“I’m going to be honest with you. That’s not going to be until 2024/25 though. It’s not.

“I’m going to win three fights in 22 and then I can start demanding it when I’m 4-0 in the UFC and I’m working towards a ranking but they’re not going to give me it until I’m in the top ten or it’s like a number one contender fight or something.”

The size of Anfield even humbled Pimblett when it came to his forecast

“I know they’re not because it’s going to be like 70,000 people lad, 80,000 people.

“People kept saying it’s going to be like a Liverpool in London, ‘why don’t you just do it in the Echo Arena?’ and I’m like, ‘because it’s too small.’

“I filled the Echo Arena out on my own for Cage Warriors, never mind with the UFC name attached to it and other high profile fighters fighting on it.”

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