“That’s why nobody likes you” – Derrick Lewis slams Ariel Helwani

Derrick Lewis Ariel Helwani

Derrick Lewis wasn’t happy with Ariel Helwani’s mocking statement on The MMA Hour.

Derrick Lewis appeared on The MMA hour to speak to Ariel Helwani but made his stance clear on what he wanted to avoid talking about.

At first, Helwani joked that Lewis had changed his number multiple times since they had last spoke and said, “It’s been so long since we last spoke Derrick, I think you changed your number six times since our last interview.”

Lewis chuckled in response and said, “Only twice.”

Seemingly aware of Lewis wanting to avoid talking to the media, even with a recent win under his belt, Helwani asked Lewis, “Why did you go off the grid? You didn’t want to do media, you didn’t want to do interviews, how come?”

Sick of the same questions

Lewis was honest about his reasoning, claiming that hearing the same old questions had been getting boring for him.

“It’s just a waste of time. All of y’all ask the same questions…. everybody asks the same questions and nothing, like, new about it.

“It’s the same old stuff. How’s training? How’s everything going? Of course I’m going to say the training’s going good.

“Every fighter gets on here and says ‘Oh yeah, training is great. I’m in the best shape of my life.’ What, do you want me to lie to you every time?”

Helwani wasn’t going to concede that one and claimed that he never asks that.

“I’ve never asked that question in my life. ‘How’s training?’ That question has never left my mouth to anyone. Including you… I don’t want to talk about fighting with you. I don’t want it to be a boring interview.”

‘Nobody likes you’

Despite claiming that he wasn’t looking to talk to Lewis about fighting, Helwani decided to make a statement on one of Lewis’s most boring fights.

While Lewis discussed how he was in Los Vegas with family recently, Helwani joked, “One of your best fights happened at T-Mobile, you and Francis (Ngannou).”

Lewis seemed annoyed with Helwani and said, “Man, see this is why I didn’t want to talk to you man. That’s why nobody likes you.”

Helwani laughed off the comments and claimed he was being serious about the fight.

“I was being serious, that was a big time fight… Everyone likes me, that’s not very nice… At least I think people like me.”

The two managed to continue with the interview so it didn’t seem like too much damage had been done and eventually they even proceeded to discuss MMA.

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