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“Supporter of genocide” – Nijem’s strong accusation against Ariel Helwani

Ariel Helwani Nijem

Ariel Helwani seems to be caught up in his fair share of beef at the moment but in a recent Twitter exchange with Belal Muhammad, Ramsey Nijem jumped in with some strong allegations against The MMA Hour host.

Helwani and Muhammad were tweeting about their apparent dislike for each other, with Helwani having a reason to believe that Muhammad wasn’t a fan of him due to his Jewish heritage.

Muhammad tweeted a statement in which he claimed that the allegation was untrue and was instead rooted in Helwani’s lack of coverage/support for the fighter.

While Muhammad said “I didn’t toss out political thoughts as to why you didn’t cover me,” Ramsey Nijem responded to the statement saying, “he’s a well known Zionist and supporter of genocide.” He continued: “Only interview I did with him I brought light to Palestinians and that was the end of our conversations.”

Response to the allegations

Helwani was quick to brand the statement, “disgusting and ridiculous.” Helwani also dispelled the claim by pointing out that they had spoken more than the one time that Nijem had claimed.

Nijem responded by asking Helwani to speak out against genocide and compared his accusation to that of Helwani believing that Muhammad didn’t like him because he is Jewish.

Helwani Nijem

Helwani responded again, referring to that as nonsense because he has both already spoken about the situation and had reason to believe Muhammad didn’t like him beyond just assuming it to be a racial matter.

Response to Muhammad

The argument with Muhammad that this stemmed from, however, wasn’t as heated with Helwani responding to Mahammad attempting to clear the air. Following the original statement from Muhammad, Helwani responded with “This was said to me by your management. I was told you didn’t like me because of this. I was shocked. I’ve never looked at life that way.”

Helwani continued his response to Muhammad saying that there was “no hate” and saying that Muhammad was “doing great”, he even extended an invitation to join him on the show to clear the air.

His responses towards Nijem ended with him saying: “I know you’re trying to bait me and I have no interest in playing this game with you.

“I’ve addressed Belal today and addressed my thoughts on the situation months ago. Do your research or not. I don’t care. But I’m not doing this with you.”

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