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Michael Bisping thinks it’s a shame that Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane isn’t in France

Ngannou Gane

Michael Bisping expresses annoyance at missed opportunity for UFC Paris.

Michael Bisping took to Youtube to preview Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane, a fight he is looking forward to but can’t understand why it won’t be in Paris.

Bisping expects great things from the heavyweight bout as it follows an interesting history between both parties involved.

He also believes there’s bad blood between the two since Ngannou left the French gym they once shared.

“Ciryl Gane was one of those training partners that he had at the MMA Factory in Paris, France. Since then Ngannou’s come to America, he’s the heavyweight champion of the world, he’s doing great things.

“Ciryl Gane is making waves as well. He’s undefeated. He’s 10-0 and the last time we saw him was against a fellow opponent, Derrick Lewis, where Ngannou was a little gun shy. Cirly Gane went out there and TKO’d him in a really, really interesting performance. He took his time, he was very measured… he took him out in style.”

The location

One thing that did annoy Bisping was the fact that the fight wouldn’t take place in France now that the sport is legal there.

“Now, this fight’s taking place in Anaheim. It’s a shame it’s not taking place in France. That would have been such an amazing fight to put on in France because mixed martial arts was banned for the longest time in France.

“Tremendous fighters come from France. I’ve fought some of the kickboxers that they have, some legendary fighters come from there. Many great fighters come from France but mixed martial arts was always banned there.

“Now that ban has been lifted and I honestly thought, fuck me. Francis Ngannou, Ciryl Gane for the heavyweight championship, the undisputed title in Paris France.

Bisping even expressed a particular interest in commentating if a French event were to take place.

“What an introduction that would be to the French people for the greatest sport on this planet.”

“Both guys fluent in French, one guy’s actually French, the other guy used to live in France. Do you know what I mean? It ties in so well.

“Paris, fucking sign me up to that one. UFC, you want me to commentate in Paris, I’m there, the bags are packed, I’ve got my garlic around my neck, I’ve got a beret in my drawer, let’s go. If a fight card ever happens in France, I’m going. Simple as that.”

For now, however, the fight will remain in Anaheim and should still be an interesting matchup.

“It’s not happening there and that’s a shame but I’m sure the UFC had very very good reasons for that not happening but still, UFC 270. Ciryl Gane, Francis Ngannou, I think what we’ve got there, it’s power vs finesse.”

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