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“The next fight for Zhang Weili is pretty easy” – Michael Bisping’s suggestion for Dana White

Bisping Weili

“They’re both in a position where they want to fight for the belt.”

Michael Bisping recently took to Youtube to talk about the action from UFC 268 and after discussing the Rose Namajunas and Zhang Weili fight.

Based on what went down, Bisping thought Dana White’s job was about to be very easy.

He said: “Both women left it all out there. I can’t wait to see them fight again. Rose continues to be one of my favourite fighters. Just the way she moves man, her footwork amazing, how composed she is, the way she carries herself. I mean, how can you not be a fan of Thug Rose.

“You know she’s amazing and Zhang Weili. You know that girl brought it, that lady brought it. She really did everything she could. I mean it was a classic fight. It really was and I can’t wait to see a third one down the line but if Zhang gets another shot, she’s going to have to earn it.

Bisping’s suggestion for White and Weili

Since it won’t be a matter of making a trilogy fight, with Namajunas already suggesting her next competitor, Bisping thinks he knows who Weili should fight to get back there.

“Unfortunately, there’s some tough people out there and when I say tough people I’m talking about Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

“Right? because everyone wants to see that rematch. Zhang wants to fight for the belt again, no doubt about it.

She’s a tough competitor and everyone that fights in the octagon, they want to fight for the belt again or they want to fight for the belt for a first time but to do that she needs to win some more fights.

Bisping directly pushed his comments towards Dana White who has recently spoken on Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s path back.

“I’m not the matchmaker, it’s not my job but if I was Dana White, Sean Shelby or Mick Maynard, I’m saying the next fight for Zhang Weili is pretty easy. Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

“That first fight was fight of the year. Both ladies just didn’t give a shit, did they? They beat the crap out of each other. Just went mental, it was insane.

“That was fight of the year, now they’re both in a position where they want to fight for the belt.”

The Joanna Jedrzejczyk situation

Bisping believes that the bout would suit all parties as there recently seemed to be a difference of opinion between Jedrzejczyk and White. Bisping explained the story.

“Joanna Jedrzejczyk came out and said she only wants to fight for title fights. Dana White said, listen, unfortunately, you’re not the champ anymore so you have to fight someone to get to be the champ or to get to fight for the belt.

“Joanna said she needs a bigger piece of the cake. Dana White said she had a lot of cake when she was the champ.”

Her route to do so? Bisping thinks it’s to fight Zhang Weili.

“How does she get fast-tracked to the belt, how does she get back to the table to stuff that cake in her face? Well, she goes through Zhang Weili.

“She beats Zhang Weili, Boom, there it is.”

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