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“He’s the most dominant champ in the UFC today” – Abdelaziz on Usman

Abdelaziz Usman

Ali Abdelaziz names his top pics for the GOAT.

In a recent interview with SB Nation, Ali Abdelaziz began listing the GOATs of the UFC.

And after forgetting him the first time around, Abdelaziz said that Kamaru Usman could stand above the rest.

Following on from a conversation about Cejudo returning for a run at a third belt, Abdelaziz decided to name him as one of the all-time greats while clarifying a few notable omissions.

Ali Abdelaziz on Kamaru Usman

“You have to talk Khabib, George Saint-Pierre, Henry. These to me are the three GOATs” he said. “No disrespect to nobody, I don’t want to talk about nobody. If you stick a needle up your a** and you tested positive and you got suspended, you’re not part of the GOAT conversation.”

Despite this comment, the interviewer asked him if Saint-Pierre was even the greatest Welterweight of all time and Abdelaziz quickly changed his tune.

Adbelaziz on Usman

While referring to GSP he said, “He’s not the greatest Welterweight.”

“I love George, he’s a friend of mine but when you talk about being fair, Kamaru just broke George’s record or he’s going to break it in his next fight for the most wins.17 fight winning streak, 13 in the UFC or something like that. Never been dropped, really beat up in a fight, toughest fight was Colby and he knocked his a** out and the man’s never been taken down. George cannot say that.

After remembering that Usman was part of the conversation, Abdelaziz quickly added Usman to the list while also opting to remove GSP from the list entirely.

“We’re talking about dominance. Kamaru never lost in the UFC, it’s never even been a close fight in the UFC. George lost… but he’s a legend, you have to give it to him but I think Kamaru is the greatest Welterweight of all time. He’s in the talk with Henry and all these guys. He’s going to have more title defences than all of them. I think he’s going to surpass all of them.”

“It’s three guys – Khabib, Kamaru and you have to put Henry there. If Kamaru did a couple more title defences, he’s above everybody. He’s doing it the same way everybody else is doing it but he’s going to have more title defences.”

What makes Usman the Goat

Abdelaziz then went on to explain what makes Usman so special and what the future could hold for him.

“He’s the most dominant champ in the UFC today, I believe he’s capable of defending his title as many times as he wants to, I believe he’s capable of going up to 155 and winning a world title there too.”

“He’s not just taking people down and beating them up, he’s knocking out strikers. Jorge Masvidal is one of the best strikers in the division, I don’t care what anybody says. Kamaru knocked him out of this dimension. I was concerned about him.”

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