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Mike Jackson takes racist jab at Irish fighter after UFC release

Mike Jackson racist

Dean Barry recieves no sympathy from Mike Jackson.

Even with news that Dean Barry could possibly be out of the UFC, Mike Jackson doesn’t plan on letting up on the Irishman, having added racial comments to his barrage of hate towards Barry.

Barry and Jackson’s clash ended with a DQ for Barry after he eye gouged Jackson and kicked him in the groin.

While Barry had looked to be winning their bout up until his DQ, his dirty moves cost him the fight and may have ultimately cost him his UFC career.

Damon Martin of MMAFighting reported that Barry has been released from his UFC contract, news which immediately caused Jackson to respond, laughing and adding ‘F*ck that dude.’

When someone responded to his tweet saying that Barry should be given another chance, as a young fighter who simply made a mistake, Jackson got nasty with his response.

“See, this that white fragility kicking in. F*ck you, and f*ck that dirty ass Dean Barry. Stupid snow roaches.”

‘No respect.’

Jackson hasn’t done much to encourage any Irish fans from taking his side in the past and it’s clear from his barrage of tweets that he doesn’t care.

He had previously tweeted another vulgar post with regards to Barry’s Irishness.

It would appear that Jackson is trolling, especially after discussing the fight he had clearly been losing.

“I really wanted Dean Barry’s head. He robbed me of a great victory because he couldn’t take his L like a man. Dean had to cheat to avoid getting knocked the f*ck out. Zero respect.”

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