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The time has passed for another Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey bout, according to Chael Sonnen

Tate Rousey

Chael Sonnen’s take on Miesha Tate vs Ronda Rousey 3

Despite Miesha Tate still getting asked about another bout with Ronda Rousey and still expressing interest, Chael Sonnen believes the idea wouldn’t hold up for fans.

“Ronda and Miesha are going to fight in one month, are you excited? You see where that gets tough?

“We all do this as athletes, I’m guilty too, I have people from my past that were a big deal at one time. It passed us by. I think about those guys every night, I hope to bump into those guys but you wouldn’t care.

“I think you remember but you don’t. Too many fights happen, too much happens. It’s in my heart, it’s in my mind, it’s not in yours and it’s a misfire.”

Example A

The main example that Sonnen conjured up was that of Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell’s third bout.

“We’ve had this tested before. Chuck Liddell vs Tito part three comes to mind and we didn’t like how that turned out. Now in all fairness, we should have all patted Tito on the back. In fairness.”

“Tito had a guy that whipped his ass more than once, publically and Tito said, ‘I’ll walk out there a third time, just for the chance to correct this’ and then he did.”

“Tito should have been celebrated for that but he wasn’t. We looked at it a different way. We didn’t like the reality that we were shown right in front of us because we did not want to have to accept it for ourselves that Chuck Liddell, with no fault of his own, got older.”

This case alone was enough to prove to Sonnen that these types of bouts don’t encompass what fight fans are really looking for.

“The same thing that has happened or will happen to all of us. The one part of this story we didn’t want to be true so we make believe it was not true, for us.

“That whole theory of taking these older fighters and bringing them back and putting them in there, that died that night.”

What that means for Tate vs Rousey 3

Sonnen continued to directly ask his viewers to decide if it was actually a fight that they’d be interested in and if they could remember why it would have been exciting back in the day.

“So what would you think about Ronda vs Miesha? Miesha thinks about that…I followed Miesha’s career very closely so I remember The Ultimate Fighter, I remember the backstory, I remember the insults… but do you?”

“I do and I don’t need to see that fight, at all, I believe Miesha is on a very different trajectory and I believe Miesha is in front of Ronda, greatly.

“How do you get to that conclusion Chael? They fought, it wasn’t all that close, well Miesha’s still doing it. Real simple.”

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