Michael Chandler expects young Irish fighter to be “a future champion” in the UFC

Irish UFC

Daniel Cormier and Michael Chandler conclude that the newest Irish UFC star, Ian Garry, is one of the top fighters under 25

Daniel Cormier and Michael Chandler were on ESPN MMA and decided to name their top fighters under 25.

While both planned to name their top three based on fighting ability, character and potential draw, both men decided that Irish fighter, Ian Garry, will be a big name in the UFC soon.

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler decided to give Garry his number one spot. The two train together at Sanford MMA and while it might make him biased, Chandler believes that his Irish teammate can talk the talk and walk the walk.

“Let me talk about the man’s physical attributes because the only thing as impressive as the man’s physical attributes is his confidence in himself.

“He’s extremely long and tall and powerful for the division. As we said, he’s still just a baby. He’s under 25 years old. He won’t even become a full man until he’s 30.

“His ability to negotiate distance between himself and his opponent, the way that he slid outside of that right hand in his last fight and knocked that dude out in the last five seconds of that round was nothing short of amazing.”

As Michael Chandler hopes to go up against Conor McGregor, he even compared Garry to his fellow countryman who had even given Garry advice after his last fight.

“As I said, and as a lot of people said about Conor McGregor when he first came in, you see shades of Conor McGregor in Ian Garry that Conor wasn’t as good as he thought he was but he was better than we all thought he was and I think that’s going to be how Ian Garry’s going to be. I think we have a future champion on our hands.”

Daniel Cormier

While Daniel Cormier didn’t go as far as to name Garry a future champion he also named the fighter in his top three, agreeing that Garry has both the charisma and the talent to succeed in the UFC.

“At number three, I’m going to agree with you, my friend, Michael Chandler, I’m going to give it to Ian Garry.

“I told the kid, in the fighter meetings, if you can fight like you can talk, I’m going to be really in for a treat.

“He was very impressive, he did a good job taking advantage of the moment but also the moment after on the microphone.”

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