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Michael Chandler thinks he has a way to deal with Conor McGregor’s trash talk

Conor McGregor Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler vs Conor McGregor

Michael Chandler vs Conor McGregor is a bout that’s been considered ever since the two showed their mutual respect on social media after UFC 268.

After a war with Justin Gaethje that has even been tipped for the fight of the year, McGregor took to Twitter to applaud Chandler.

When asked for his genuine opinion of Michael Chandler, Conor McGregor said, “Hard not to be impressed. In a game of inches, he has been incredibly close each time! Could well be today’s champion.”

Dealing with McGregor

Michael Chandler believes that there is a lot of mutual respect between himself and McGregor, but when asked by Daniel Cormier on ESPN MMA if he could foresee a less than respectful lead up to the potential bout, Chandler believed he could handle McGregor without having to resort to childish insults.

“Well, I guess if the fight happens we’ll see. You might see a different side of me but I think I’m pretty good at using my vocabulary and my linguistic jiu-jitsu to wrap guys up in some words that they may not understand without having to take to base level assaults or talking about things that are going to be damaging to a guy’s reputation.

“We’ll see man, I respect Conor for what he’s done, I respect Conor as a fighter and I even respect his trash talk game. It’s something that I’m looking forward to. You know, big fights, big opponents and big stages and it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger with every conversation that’s had, every single social media post and every moment that he and I would be on the microphone.”

The notion of avoiding comments that damage a reputation is a rare one and a respect that McGregor surely wouldn’t be paid if he were to fight the likes of Jorge Masvidal next.

A mutual respect

Chandler is definitely keen on a fight with McGregor and with the size of a crowd that they could draw, it’s no surprise.

“For me as an athlete, the number one goal, I want to be the UFC champion. I want to be the number one guy in the world but as fighters, we get into the sport because we want big stages, big opportunities against big opponents in big arenas and it doesn’t get any bigger than Conor McGregor.”

If the fight does come, before McGregor presumably finds some reason to berate Chandler with insults, the respect that is being shown between the two is noteworthy as it comes with an admission from both fighters that they could do with some humility as they both come off multiple losses.

“For him to say that he was impressed by my performances, for him to say that I could very well be the champion and still saying that this is a game of inches and we can all get caught.

“He’s been caught, I’ve been caught, you’ve been caught. You fight the toughest guys long enough, you’re going to get caught. I think there’s a mutual respect there. To me that’s genuine, that’s how I like to do things. I’m not a big trash talk guy.”


As McGregor recovers from his leg injury, Chandler will also look to heal from his bout against Gaethje before any potential bout could occur.

“As we said, he needs to heal up, I need to heal up. We’ll see if that fight happens. If it does, it’s definitely going to be fireworks inside the octagon and I guarantee I can carry my weight outside of the octagon.”

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