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Michael Bisping wants a Tony Ferguson vs Michael Chandler bout

Tony Ferguson Michael Chandler

Michael Bisping defends Tony Ferguson’s reputation in talks of a fight between him and Michael Chandler.

Michael Bisping has revealed in a recent Youtube video that he would be in favour of seeing Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson fight in 2022.

While a lot of UFC fans will be thinking that this is an unusual call with Chandler able to fight higher-ranked fighters and ones that have had more success in recent years, Bisping believes that Ferguson could fit the bill.

“Tony Ferguson and Michael Chandler… they’ve been going back and forth on social media, talking a little bit of shit.”

“I know what you’re thinking, ‘Tony Ferguson? He’s old news… his best days are behind him.’

“To be honest, you could be forgiven for thinking that because I did as well. I admire the body of work that Tony Ferguson has had.”

While Ferguson was even the one named with the biggest chance of defeating Khabib Nurmagomedov at one stage, a recent slump has made some question how long Ferguson has left in the sport.

“When he went on that 12 fight win-streak, that fight with him and Khabib, everyone was looking forward to that. That was the fight that got away that everybody wanted to see but all good things must come to an end.

“Tony Ferguson, the way that he fought, you can’t fight like that forever. tony normally goes out, loses the first round maybe even the second round but he finds a way.”

In his defence.

Bisping did have a lot of praise for Ferguson’s fight style but had to question the longevity that comes with it.

“He’s so f**king tough. He walks his opponents down and he outlasts them with toughness, durability and cardio and in the end, would normally turn it around and get the finish.

“In those 12 fights that he won, that was pretty much the story. It’s why he’s also, probably, coming to the end of his career because fighting that way is not conducive to a long career.”

One thing that Bisping feels that people are forgetting is the calibre of fighter that Ferguson has lost to.

“That’s what it looked like was happening to Tony Ferguson, he lost three in a row but now in hindsight… If you look at those three people that beat him, they haven’t aged badly at all. Charles Oliveira… Beneil Dariush… no shame there and Justin Gaethje.

“You could argue the losses that Tony had to those people were dominant, and they were, but still, it’s not bad and there’s certainly no shame in losing to those three people.”

While Chandler might not be the smartest fight for Ferguson in Bisping’s mind, he does believe it could be an entertaining one.

“Maybe, if I was managing him, I’d say, ‘hold on, sidestep Chandler right now, let’s rebuild’ but no, he wants to go straight back to the top because he knows with great risk, there is great reward.

“Stylistically, it would be a fantastic fight. Chandler’s a wrestler but we saw with Justin Gaethje it’s just all-out f**king carnage from start to finish. Sign me up for that one.”

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