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Michael Bisping finds major flaw in Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal bout

Covington Masvidal

Michael Bisping gives his take on Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal

While Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal may be the most exciting fight that can be made at the moment, Michael Bisping believes that the UFC are making a big mistake.

Bisping believes that the fight has plenty of potential, and thinks that the personal rivalry between the two should really add to the intensity.

“Everyone that you speak to says, ‘No, listen, Colby’s a really good dude, he’s just selling fights, he’s putting on a persona’ and maybe that’s true,” said Bisping on his Youtube channel.

“If he’s doing it, if he’s acting then give the man a f*cking Oscar because he is acting his socks off each and every time.”

Bisping’s scepticism is well-founded in this case.

While Covington may have been laying his character on a bit thick against Kamaru Usman, the personal nature of his rivalry with Masvidal could lead to sensitive information being leaked.

“This stuff, going after Masvidal’s ex-wife, calling him a bad father and stuff like that… oooh, I don’t think that’s playing a part.

“Anytime to guys know each other, when they used to live with one another like they did, they know a lot of personal stuff about one another.

“That’s when the rivalry, or hatred, for want of a better word, can get real thick.”

The issue.

While there may be personal issues between the two fighters, Bisping believes that the UFC has created its own issue in the situation by really missing the mark.

“It should be for the BMF.

“Masvidal has the BMF title, there’s no belt on the line. This should be a BMF defence for Masvidal. I really do believe that.”

A belt on the line could only add to the spectacle of this fight but whether or not the UFC see fit to add this into the mix is yet to be seen.

If Chael Sonnen’s to be believed, Dana White doesn’t look like he will make Masvidal defend the belt.

“He’s got the belt,” said Sonnen on his Youtube channel.

“There’s even talk from Dana that they’re not gonna make the son-bitch defend it which means he gets to be champion forever.

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