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Mark Hunt claims he’s finished fighting because of UFC trial

Mark Hunt UFC trial

Mark Hunt believes he won’t step into the octagon again.

Mark Hunt claims the UFC trial is what killed his passion for the sport and doesn’t believe he can book another fight because of it.

Hunt took the UFC to court following his fight against Brock Lesnar when Lesnar had been revealed to have been on steroids afterwards.

He believes that the organisation put him in there with Lesnar despite already knowing that Lesnar shouldn’t have been allowed in to compete.

With a resurgence in coverage for the case, Mark Hunt spoke to Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour to discuss the situation.

“I think I lost the passion a long time ago. When I filed this lawsuit against the UFC they took this passion away from me,” said Hunt.

“The only fight I had since I left the UFC was a boxing match. I couldn’t get another match anywhere. I don’t think any company would pick me up because of this lawsuit to be honest.”

Helwani then asked Hunt if he believed that he had been widely blackballed by other major fighting organisations because of the trial.

“Oh definitely. I mean why wouldn’t you hire someone as good as me… I think I got blacklisted, I couldn’t get a match anywhere.”

Finished fighting?

Another question that was on Helwani’s mind was whether or not we would see Hunt in another bout anytime soon. To which Hunt replied, “If I’m not going to be putting 100% in it, I’m not going to do it.”

While Hunt admitted that he won’t be booking another fight, he claimed that there is one big factor in why he hasn’t officially announced his retirement.

“I’m not announcing it because I’ve still got one fight left.

“It’s happing right now, it’s that battle against the UFC in court. That’s the only fight that really matters.”

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