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Sinead Kavanagh and Leah McCourt agree their Dublin bout could be biggest Irish fight of all time

Leah McCourt Sinead Kavanagh Bellator Dublin

Sinead Kavanagh and Leah McCourt are set to fight in Dublin this February in Bellator 275

With their participation in Bellator 175 confirmed, Leah McCourt and Sinead Kavanagh have high expectations for their Dublin bout in February.

Both fighters spoke to Virgin Media Sport about their upcoming bout, with Leah McCourt even going as far as to say it will be one of the biggest Irish fights of all time.

“She’s one of the toughest fights I’m going to have and she’s one of the best in the world,” said McCourt.

“I think it’s so special that we’re both so highly ranked in one of the major organisations and it’s probably going to be the biggest Irish fight of all time.”

Kavanagh agreed with McCourt and claimed that the fight was up there due to their rankings.

“Yeah, definitely, because we’re top 10,” said Kavanagh. “Top five, actually, in the world. I don’t think any of the Irish lads have been that far.

“I agree with Leah, it is the biggest fight in Ireland.”

Bellator’s return to dublin

If previous crowds are anything to go by, Bellator 275 should have no trouble in bringing a great atmosphere back to Dublin.

With a title fight between Austin Vanderford and Gegard Mousasi and a Peter Queally bout also taking place on the night, there will be plenty of interest for MMA fans.

McCourt and Kavanagh both agreed that the event should have an atmosphere like no other.

McCourt said, “It’s definitely such an exciting fight for the fans to watch because we’re so different stylistically but we both love to finish and I think it’s just great.

“I think it’s going to be electric from the walkout to every second in the fight. It’s going to be such an experience for the fans.”

When asked if she thought Dublin was becoming the fight capital of Europe, McCourt agreed “100%.”

“I’ve always said to everyone that if they could be at Bellator Dublin to do it.

“I’ve been to every show in the world and every promotion and especially in this day and age to feel that energy in an arena isn’t normal and it’s not something you’ll experience more than a couple of times.”

Kavanagh agreed with McCourt and doesn’t expect the fight will command any less respect because it’s a women’s fight.

“The crowd is going to be pumping for this like. No one’s going to leave their seat because it’s a women’s fight. This is going down, it’s going to be great.”

With both undefeated in the Three arena, this event looks highly promising for Irish MMA fans.

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