“I hope it’s knockout of the year” -Sergio Pettis on spinning back fist against Kyoji Horiguchi

Sergio Pettis spinning back fist

Sergio Pettis’ spinning back fist

Despite knowing that he had lost the first three rounds, Sergio Pettis managed to catch Kyoji Horiguchi with a spinning back fist to get the win and defend his belt.

The spinning back fist gathered quite a lot of attention from viewers, and when asked if he thought it was knockout of the year, Pettis said that he expected to be in with a chance.

“That’s the knockout of my career so I hope it’s knockout of the year. We’ll see man, there’s been some crazy knockouts but I think against an opponent like Horiguchi, 29-3, to pull something like that off… man.

“To see how his body reacted. It’s crazy, it took a long time for him to get out of the fight which is wild .”

How he did it.

Considering how the fight started for Pettis, many were surprised he was managed to pull it off.

Pettis believes that Horiguchi got too comfortable and began to leave openings so he knew he stood a chance if he could just be patient.

“He started to get really comfortable in there. You know, we’re kind of sharing some laughs in there too.

“He took me down, I’m like, ‘You motherfucker’ and he started laughing and stuff.”

Even though Horiguchi was still posing a threat, Pettis was relieved when he became more comfortable and gave Pettis an opportunity to throw the spinning back fist that finished it.

“He got comfortable in dictating where the fight was going. He was doing an excellent job beating me in the takedowns. Some nice jabs into takedown entries that I wasn’t really picking up so well.

“I think he just got really comfortable and his exits weren’t as calculated and that’s when I took advantage.”

Out Cold.

As much as the fight ultimately went his way, Pettis admitted that he didn’t like seeing Horiguchi as hurt as he was but knew it was always a possibility.

“I mean, it’s not something I want to do. I don’t want to hurt anybody so bad that they’re unconscious like that or have damage later on in their life.

“It’s part of the job unfortunately but it is what it is.”

As harsh as it may appear, Pettis knows that it is a fight at the end of the day and as nice as he can be, he won’t hesitate when he needs to strike.

“At the end of the day, it’s kind of bogus to say but it’s better him than me so that’s how I got to be when I’m out here

“I’m a nice person, a kind human being but, you know, he would have done the same to me.”

Both fighters will be looking to compete in the Bellator Bantamweight Grand Prix in 2022.

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