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Kenny Florian thinks the UFC removed him after refusing The Ultimate Fighter gig

Kenny Florian UFC The Ultimate Fighter

Kenny Florian believes that the UFC have pushed him away from commentary after he refused a coaching role on The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America.

For a while, Kenny Florian seemed to be one of the main broadcasters for the UFC but for reasons unbeknownst to him, the UFC pushed him away.

Florian has since been told that it might be because he didn’t play ball when asked to coach a season of The Ultimate Fighter.

“My understanding, and this is what’s been told to me from people inside the company, I guess I said no to being a coach,” said Florian on The MMA Hour.

“I was asked to coach on, I think, The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America, one of the early ones back in the day.

Florian claims that he was just too busy at the time to take on the role and that slowly afterwards he was receiving less opportunities within the organisation.

“I wasn’t able to do it. It was travel and all of that stuff, and I was doing UFC Tonight, I was doing commentary work, and I just had a lot of stuff going on at home, so I just wasn’t able to really do it.

“It just didn’t make sense, and because I said no, I kind of slowly started being removed from stuff. That’s my understanding.”

Present day

Florian may not be with the UFC but seems happy to be with PFL where he now has the opportunity to work with the likes of Randy Couture.

While he isn’t sure about the reasoning for his push from the UFC, Florian is happy to be doing what he loves even if it is outside of the organisation.

“That’s what’s been told to me, not directly, but by people within the company who are close to the source but I guess that’s how it went down.

“So I stopped doing that, and last year I started doing stuff for the PFL, which has been awesome.

“It’s been great to call fights, be in that energy, and be right up close to the cage again and that’s been a lot of fun.”

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