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Kamaru Usman admits to posting controversial Snapchat story while drunk

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman confirms that he posted the message saying, ‘kill yourself’ to fans.

Kamaru Usman tends to come across as a sensible and respectable character if you look at his interviews and listen to what other fighters (besides Colby Covington) have to say about him.

That being considered, Usman’s latest Snapchat story would, at the very least, be considered out of context for “The Nigerian Nightmare.”

“Whomever you are watching my story please kill yourself. 2022 just started and your life is centred around others.


โ€œI love my fans, even those that (arenโ€™t) yet because you truly only wish you could be me.โ€

Earlier speculation had been that Usman had been hacked, especially after a post in November that joked about manager, Ali Abdelaziz, did the rounds following hacker claims.

The clarification.

Usman posted an update on the situation the following morning and instead of revealing that someone else had hacked his account, revealed that it was in fact him who posted it.

The reality of the situation, however, was that Usman had been drinking at the time of posting.

โ€œLet me clear this up, I know that was tough.

โ€œIt was 4am in the morning, it was a little (drunk) and obviously I typed that the wrong way.”

Usman instead clarified what he meant to say and posted a new message that his sober self could get behind.

โ€œLet me rephrase this for that hater. You know who you are, that particular hater.

“Thereโ€™s one of you or maybe two of you that keep watching my story, so you can have something to hate on.

โ€œChoke yourself. Itโ€™s me saying it now, choke yourself.

โ€œFor the rest of my fans, my real fans, I love and appreciate you guys โ€“ I always have and always will.โ€

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