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Julianna Pena is Amanda Nunes’ “hardest challenge yet,” according to Chael Sonnen

Julianna Pena

Amanda Nunes vs Julianna Pena.

With a great selection of fights coming up in December, Chael Sonnen believes that Amanda Nunes vs Julianna Pena is one of the best but that it’s flying under the radar.

When asked on ESPN MMA if there was a specific fight that Sonnen was looking forward to, Sonnen pointed to the women’s Bantamweight title fight as it has the potential to be an upset.

“Yes, everybody’s missing it. It’s Julianna Pena versus Amanda Nunes. Pena represents the most likely threat for an upset Amanda’s ever had.

“Now, please hear my words and don’t mishear them. I’m not predicting that she gets upset. What I’m suggesting for you is Pena is the hardest challenge Amanda’s ever had.

The Buster Douglas effect.

Sonnen believes that Pena’s strong mindset will be her greatest weapon against ‘The Lioness’.

“Every great upset in sports history starts with one side not getting the memo. With a ‘Buster Douglas’ not understanding he’s been brought in to fall down and chooses not to.

“They all start that way. Julianna Pena truly believes she can beat Amanda, Julianna Pena believes that Amanda has ducked her. When Julianna Pena went to the media and laid out her case to even get this, she was upset, she was disgusted, she laid out a very compelling argument.”

The potential to take Nunes to the ground is likely to be the best chance Pena has to win their bout and if anyone has a chance to defeat Nunes, that fight should be more hyped than it currently is.

“It all starts with Amanda and the only couple of rounds that Amanda’s ever lost in her life are because she got taken down and couldn’t get up and that’s exactly the strength of Julianna Pena.

“Everybody is missing this fight.”

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