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Jon Jones reveals his fiance left him as arrest footage goes viral

Jon Jones arrest

The bodycam footage from Jon Jones’s Las Vegas arrest has gone viral.

Jon Jones’s story just seems to go from bad to worse as he revealed his fiance has left him on the day his arrest video went viral.

“Humiliating me [on] my Hall of Fame night,” said Jones in the video.

“You f**king nerd. I hate you, I hate you! I hate you! You f**king nerd. I hate you so much.”

Jon Jones heavyweight

Jones denied any wrongdoing at the time and requested the police officer say his name publically, knowing that the body cam footage would eventually make its way out.

“Say your name publicly. … You turned me in my Hall of Fame night, just because I’m big and Black. And what did I do? I came from my Hall of Fame ceremony, and I’m Black, and I did nothing to you.”

Jones’s comments got more disturbing at this point.

“Bro, hang me. Hurt me and kill me. What did I do? A Black man can’t drink? Getting elected into the Hall of Fame, and this is what I’ve got?”

His Reaction

Jones didn’t comment on the footage directly but instead revealed that his fiance had left him and clarified at that point that she wouldn’t be returning.

“My fiancé left me about two months ago, today she finalized that she won’t be coming back. If you are a Jon Jones hater, have a toast, I feel like shit.”

For once, the tide of public opinion on Jon Jones seemed to lean a bit more to the sympathetic side with people wishing he could conquer his demons but Colby Covington was never going to be one of those people.

“Tremendous news. Guess you finally knocked some sense into her Jon Jones,” responded Covington to the since-deleted tweet.

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