John McCarthy doubles-down on Derrick Lewis comments

John McCarthy Derrick Lewis

John McCarthy maintains his viewpoint on Derrick Lewis despite public backlash

John McCarthy had recently called Derrick Lewis a gatekeeper and despite the backlash that it caused him, he maintains his stance.

While it was a viewpoint that the former UFC ref maintained, Mccarthy still acknowledged Lewis as a top fighter and entertainer.

“Derrick Lewis is one of my favourite fighters to watch, I say it all the time, I love the guy.

“He’s a joy as far as the comments he makes in the media days, the comments he makes in the cage and I will tell you that when I was refereeing, he was the guy that you worried about because of the power and strength that he possessed, especially if the fight hit the ground.

“You never saw guys getting off of the ground when Derrick Lewis was on top of them.”

The unwritten rule

While the positives were abundant, McCarthy didn’t feel they were enough to overturn his previous statement.

“He’s an awesome fighter, the problem is this, and this is the way I looked at it, Derrick Lewis has lost two title fights.

“You take a look at history and the way things are. When you have a guy who has lost two title fights, without ever being the champion, there’s never a guy that I can come up with that’s gotten a third.”

The exception

While there may appear to be an unwritten rule that contenders have a limited number of shots at the title, McCarthy does think there’s a chance that Lewis could be the one to break the trend.

With a highly competitive heavyweight division, McCarthy still wouldn’t bet on it.

“Now, Derrick Lewis might. He might get that third but there hasn’t been anyone that’s gotten the third.

“Derrick Lewis has not been that champion and since he hasn’t been the champion and he’s already gotten the two title shots, he’s in that position where the UFC… they’re not real quick to give anybody that shot and this is over a lot of years.”

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