John Kavanagh on why he was nervous for Conor McGregor ahead of Jose Aldo fight

John Kavanagh was nervous for Conor McGregor.

Coach John Kavanagh was on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani where he discussed Conor McGregor’s bout against Jose Aldo, as well as the Brazilian’s resurgence as a fighter.

Kavanagh admitted that he had been a big fan of what Jose Aldo and his team were doing in MMA before Aldo was even in the UFC.

“I’m sure I spoke about it a lot at the time but, going back, at the time, I was a massive WEC fan and if you’re a WEC fan, you’re obsessed with Aldo.

“He was the first striking based MMA guy that just dismantled grapplers so I was trying to learn a lot from what he did.

“There was nobody that was a bigger fan of that team and Aldo specifically, than me.”

Sleepless nights.

As a big fan of Aldo, Kavanagh knew what he would bring to the table for his bout with McGregor. 

While this caused Kavanagh a lot of concern, the fight ultimately disappointed him, in a way, because it didn’t allow him to witness much of the matchup he had been looking forward to.

“In the lead-up to that fight, I had many sleepless nights looking at those leg kicks and his takedown defence and his speed and his technique and his experience.

“I somewhat regretted how the fight went because I would have loved to see the clash of styles and some more exchanges. It went the way it went.“

John Kavanagh on Jose Aldo.

Despite the bad blood at the time, Kavanagh believes there is mutual respect between the two camps now and that even McGregor would be happy to see Aldo win the Bantamweight belt.

“Look what Aldo’s done, he’s come back completely reinvigorated at 135. He’s looking world-class, he’s looking like a champion beater and if he gets that Dillashaw fight I think we’ll really see how far he’s come since then.

“I’m sure Conor would love to see it and certainly, I would love to see him have his hand raised and have that belt at 135.”


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