“Don’t mention that idiot to me… he’s on the crackpipe” – John Fury reacts to David Haye calling out Tyson

John Fury David Haye

While speaking on the TrueGeordie podcast, John Fury discussed David Haye and his recent callout of his son Tyson

John Fury is no stranger to colourful commentary but when it came to discussing David Haye calling out his son, he gave a masterclass. Fury was having none of Haye’s callout and let him know as much.

“Don’t mention that idiot to me. That is a crackerjack that. He’s been on the crackpipe him, hasn’t he? That’s being on the crackpipe. He wants a kick up the arse doesn’t he, he’s as fragile as a china pot.

“The only thing big about him… his friggin ego. Man’s good for nawt.”

What would happen in a bout between the two?

Fury believes that his son would make easy work of Haye and went as far as to say, “I’ll have a reef made early for him if he wants to get in with Tyson. I’ll have a reef made early with his name on it. Rest in peace David Haye, you silly man.”

One big sign that the bout would not be a realistic prospect for Fury was that of Haye’s most recent bouts against Tony Bellew.

“Bellew flattened him and Bellew’s a big fat kid. So he goes on about people’s conditioning. Bellew’s not got a body and Bellew battered him from pillar to post and made him cry… He’s got no heart, no balls, no nowt and I’ll tell him to his face.

“This is a big podcast, I said it, “David Haye, keep my sons’ name out of your mouth. Cause he’s going to end up in a grave with a big red rose reef on it. You stupid man.”

Fury stayed true to his name and didn’t simmer down there. He had another message to deliver to Haye.

“Don’t talk about Furys no more, because you ain’t good enough to talk about a Fury because you haven’t got heart big enough to talk about one.

“You’re a cowardly mother so stay in your own lane and do some work at your punditting because you’re useless at that as well.”

Haye’s career

Fury did note that he had nothing against Haye’s skillset but did knock his heart.

“I’m not knocking his achievements, he won two cruiserweight titles. He’s always lacked heart, He could punch and he had a good array of boxing skills. Better than most. Not knocking that at all.”

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