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“When he smashes Jake Paul, we’ll take on his brother Logan and smash him as well” – John Fury on Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury

While talking to Brian Davis, The True Geordie, on The Pain Game Podcast, John Fury claimed that his next target for Tommy Fury after Jake Paul would be his brother Logan.

While John Fury said that a potential bout against Logan would be the ideal option after the Jake Paul fight, should Tommy win. Fury has his doubts that Logan Paul himself will be interested.

“When he smashes Jake Paul, we’ll take on his brother Logan and smash him as well, if he fancied it.

“But let me tell you. When they see what Tommy does to Jake Paul, they’re not gonna want it.”

John Fury on Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul

Fury is so confident that a win was on the cards that he even said he’d personally retire Tommy from the sport if he was to lose.

“If he can’t beat Jake Paul I’ll retire him then and there.”

The host then said that he expected it to be a close fight, to which Fury responded, “No chance. If it’s a close fight, Tommy’s retired. If Tommy beats him and struggles to beat him he’s retired from boxing.

“I’m not wasting my time with people in the gym because I haven’t got a lot of time left at 56 years old so I’m not going to train somebody I’ve got no faith in. I’ve told him, ‘unless you knock him out forget me with the boxing.’ I’ll walk away because he’s a YouTuber.”

Previous competition

Davis went on to explain that the reason he wasn’t so confident about the fight being one-sided in Tommy’s direction was because of how he struggled with Anthony Taylor. Davis believed that Taylor wasn’t on the same level as Paul, a fact that Fury disputed.

“Ah he was. I know me boxing. Him and Jake Paul, he’d be a better mover than Jake Paul. I mean he can avoid a punch better and I’ll tell you what, he didn’t want to do it. You get a man that doesn’t want to get hit and can survive and don’t want to get knocked out.

“He messed Tommy about. He didn’t come to fight. Jake Paul will come to fight and when he does Tommy will knock him out. The other one never come to fight. He wanted to survive, he wanted to make a circus act of it… Jake Paul’s no better than him.

“I think the other kid would avoid a shot better than Jake Paul and could move better than Jake Paul… Looking at what Tommy’s done with Anthony Taylor, that’s why he’s fighting Jake Paul… that’s why I’ve took him.”

Unfair to compare

Fury was sure to note that while there may be a familial link, and stressed that Tommy isn’t at Tyson’s level yet, he ensured that doesn’t mean he doesn’t expect the win.

“There’s only one Tyson Fury… there’ll never be another Tyson Fury. Tyson Fury is a unicorn. He’s done. It’s his brother yes, he’s got other brothers but are they going to show that kind of commitment? God only knows.

“I see Tommy splattering Jake Paul all over the ring within four or five rounds and if he doesn’t it’s over for him. He knows that.”

Tommy Fury under pressure

One area that Fury believed Tommy had struggled with in the past was pressure. Following his Love Island victory and having Tyson Fury as his brother, the worry can be that the pressure may be too much for the 22 year-old.

While Fury understands this he knows that Jake Paul himself isn’t the pressure, and that the magnitude of the event is more likely to be. This is an advantage in his mind as he believes this is something that Tommy can work on but he doesn’t think there’s anything Paul can work on to win.

“Now we know what we’ve got to do with Tommy, get his mind right. It’s no Jake Paul, he’s beaten better men than Jake Paul already.

“It’s not Jake Paul’s thing, it’s occasions. It’s a massive occasion for Tommy. You know, he’s got his girlfriend, he’s got a lot to live up to, he’s got Tyson, he’s got the Fury name but we’re going to work on that. That can be adjusted. We can make adjustments. Jake Paul can’t.”

Some praise for Jake Paul

Fury wasn’t completely negative about Jake Paul. He can see that Paul has a lot going for him but following this fight, boxing won’t be .

“Jake Paul’s a Youtuber, good luck to the kid. He’s a businessman, he’s doing a great job, keep doing it and this fight will be bigger than, probably, a lot of World Title Fights.

“Can Tommy win in Tyson style? Yes, he can.”

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