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Israel Adesanya revisits controversial comment made towards Kevin Holland

Israel Adesanya rape comments

Israel Adesanya addresses “rape” comment towards Kevin Holland.

Before his fight with Derek Brunson at UFC 230, Israel Adesanya found himself in serious trouble after making a ‘rape’ threat towards another fighter. While it was Kevin Holland that Adesanya had made the rape comment towards, he discussed them in a video where he was breaking down his fight with Brunson.

“I remember going to LA for the press conference for this fight. It was a big press conference to announce the next roll of fights coming up and this motherfucker decided that he was just going to come at me for no reason, so what do I do?

“I clap back. I think I started at the hotel lobby and then ended up at the press conference and I remember he was walking right up to me, didn’t even hit the brakes because he knew Dana was going to put his hand there and block him and I put my hand on his chest and I thought about slapping him but I didn’t.”

At this point in the video, Adesanya referred to his infamous line. Adesanya had lost sponsorship over the comments made towards Brunson but in this video, he seemed to either have been confused about who he had said them towards or claimed that he had made similar comments towards Brunson as well.

“He was saying all this shit to me and that’s when I dropped my infamous line. When I told him I would, um, assault him and own him against his will and without his consent and just let him know I’ll fuck you up.”


Despite having previously apologised for the comments, Adesanya seemed to maintain a tough front in the situation by saying, “You know what I said”.

“You know what I said, don’t fuckin play around with me and I would own him without his consent, as a man.

“In the press conference, you even see him thinking because I was just giving it back to him and you’ll see there’s bits he’ll be giving it back to him and he’ll be talking and be like, ‘What else did I write?'”

While there may be some confusion in the video over who the comments were for, Adesanya’s opinion of Derek Brunson certainly doesn’t seem to have improved.

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