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Images of Colby Covington’s face after Jorge Masvidal street altercation have been revealed

Colby Covington pay Jorge Masvidal

New photos show Colby Covington’s chipped tooth.

Images of Colby Covington’s injuries that allegedly came after his street altercation with Jorge Masvidal have been revealed.

Masvidal’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, was reportedly the one to reveal the images as part of a request for Covington’s medical records.

“Interestingly, the images do not demonstrate an injury aside from a small chip in C.C.’s (Covington) fake tooth,” Cohen wrote in his request.

“The evidence collected thus far clearly contradicts C.C.’s allegations. C.C. claims that Defendant hit him from behind. Exclusive footage shows that during the incident, C.C. was facing the individual he identified as Defendant. In fact, C.C. was looking at Defendant head-on prior to taking the hit then appears to run from Defendant in fear.”

Covington’s Brain damage concerns

Reports of the alleged incident up to this point have seen Covington claim that his front tooth was damaged and that he received a brain injury from a ‘sucker punch’ from Masvidal.

This matter was also something that Masvidal’s attorney sought to find out more about from Covington’s medical records.

“Given the State and C.C.’s allegations — paired with the fact that C.C. is a professional fighter who is prone to repeated physical injury — Defendant requires access to C.C.’s prior medical records to properly defend himself against the charges in this matter.

“Specifically, to ascertain how a single punch to C.C.’s jaw induced the brain damage when C.C.’s profession as a fighter exposes him to such injury periodically.”

A single punch, particularly one that someone doesn’t see coming, is more than capable of causing serious damage but seeing Covington’s medical records would allow further details on previous head injuries prior to the incident.

The ‘Folex’

Covington also claimed that his watch was damaged in the alleged incident and while he claims it’s a Rolex, Cohen doesn’t believe the legitimacy of the claims, explaining why he thinks the request for $95,000 could be unreasonable.

Dana White Masvidal Covington

“This nickname indicates that a watch is composed of aftermarket parts including fake or knock-off Rolex parts and possibly real Rolex components — certainly negating the testimony that the watch is worth $95,000.00.

“To calculate repair costs and extent of damage to C.C.’s FOLEX, the watch needs to be examined more closely to determine the true value of the watch.”

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