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“I’m going to dominate” – Ian Garry wants to fight everyone on his way to the top

Ian Garry

Ian Garry claims that he’s looking for a slow rise to the top so he can ‘dominate’ along the way

While many fighters are looking to become the biggest stars in the UFC after only a fight or two, Irish fighter, Ian Garry, seems to have a more measured approach to reaching the heights.

Garry believes that a slower rise to the top will teach him more than a quick race.

When asked about his goals for 2022 by Megan Olivi on ESPN MMA, Garry said he wants to, “Learn, grow, improve and prove that I am slowly going to be the next big thing.”

mcgregor garry


While Garry is happy to have plenty of bouts, he says so with confidence that he can avoid being hit along the way.

“I don’t necessarily want to be in a fight Megan, I want to go in there and just beat people up, I don’t really want to get hit, I’m too pretty to get hit.

“I don’t want this fast rise to the top. I’m not looking for a couple of fights, get a world title and get out.

“I’m looking to beat the shit out of people. I want to get out there and prove and leave. ”

One element of his plan that’s important to Garry is to prove himself along the way. and to let there be no asterisk over his career.

“You know when people are saying, oh he jumped the ladder, he skipped a couple… I never want that.

“I want to earn every single step so that when I get to that belt and I get to that title shot and when I do win the title that not one person on the planet can say, ‘Oh well, he didn’t fight this guy or he didn’t do this. He can talk the talk, he’s Irish, he jumped the queue.”

Plenty of time

As a young fighter, Garry is happy in his patient approach.

“It’s like, no, I’m gonna take my time, I’m 24 years of age, I want to fight three times a year, every year and I want to grow and I want to beat people up and let them know that I’m here and I’m here to take over and I’m not here to let anyone pass.

“I’m going to take every single guy that I can on my rise to the top. I’m going to dominate and I don’t care if it takes me four or five years to get to that belt. I don’t care if it takes me one.

mcgregor garry

“I am on my path and whatever way it works a slow grind is my way.”

Garry also wants to fight as much as possible, claiming that he is looking for three fights in 2022, giving a rough estimate on how he’d like his year to line-up.

“I’d like to fight in April, I want to grow, I want to learn and then April, I’ll knock one off.

“April, June, July and then go again in September… Three times this year, we’ll fight three times this year Megan.”

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