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Henry Cejudo spots flaws in Conor McGregor’s latest training video

Henry Cejudo Conor McGregor

Henry Cejudo’s still looking to provoke Conor McGregor.

Henry Cejudo’s no stranger to judging Conor McGregor training videos but this time might annoy McGregor more than previous iterations.

In his latest pad work video, McGregor can be seen throwing some heavy shots but they may have come at the cost of technique or at least the element of surprise.

“Too much wind telegraphs, what you’re doing, which makes it not believable,” noted Cejudo.

“Half punch the front hand to disguise the backhand. It’s not about the combination but how you hide everything with a big surprise. Sincerely the goat, Humble Henry.”

While the video looks like it’s more about McGregor getting the feel for the power shot and not about trying to sell it (because that would be quite a thing to show to potential opposition), Cejudo’s comments might bother McGregor more than they did last time.

Previous conflict

The last time McGregor reacted to Cejudo was because of a similar callout where Cejudo accused him of doing everything ‘naked,’ which meant “No fakes, no faints, no level changes.”

That warranted the following response from McGregor:

“The opening punches are the traps/feints/fakes. You ever hear or see that before? Your little feints won’t draw me out, kid. But pump a few real shots you might get a response,” said McGregor.

“You are a little fat novice with about two KOs. At bantam. I’ve 20. Across three divisions. Quiet, you bum!”

This training session seemed even more sparse, however, as it lacked even a single combo. The part that Cejudo could annoy McGregor on here is how lazy it looks to just focus on the punch even if he doesn’t want to give away any of his tactics.

While a half punch could at least provide some form of disguise, Cejudo’s comments repeat the theme of a lazy training session from last time and that could annoy McGregor the most

With his heavier weight, McGregor was already bound to seem more sluggish and gas out quicker. Since it’s harder to keep bigger muscles going for a longer period of time, fears that McGregor, who already has a reputation for gassing out quite quickly, continue to grow. Cejudo will surely be aware of this as he continues to taunt McGregor.

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