Hector Lombard slams Tyron Woodley following tense confrontation

Hector Lombard Tyron Woodley

Hector Lombard calls out Tyron Woodley.

Hector Lombard wasn’t happy with Tyron Woodley when the two came face to face at BKFC 19. While Woodley wasn’t audible in a video which emerged online, Lombard could be heard calling out Woodley, saying he was looking to fight him.

“I’m confronting you face to face, like a man, like I am,” said Lombard to Woodley at the event.

“Remember when you tried to f**k my side chick? Remember? That’s f**king wrong. No that’s f**king wrong. I want the smoke, I want a piece of you, how do you want to do it?”

While Woodley couldn’t be heard he seemed to acknowledge that Lombard was at least accurate in his accusations.

The Aftermath.

Lombard has since revealed that he has been looking to fight Woodley for quite some time now.

“I’ve always been interested to fight that fake f**k, I told you guys a long time ago he’s a fake f**k.

“He tried to pick up other people’s girls – not only mine, any girl that moved around, he tried to pick her up.”

While Lombard denies that his disdain for Woodley comes from liking the girl in question, he instead claims that it is because he viewed Woodley as being a friend beforehand.

“He feels he deserves everything, and listen, it’s not about the girls because everybody when I made a post, everybody’s thinking that I have feelings for the girl.

“No, I have feelings for the action of this clown that you think is your friend.

“You think he can be your buddy and here he is trying to get a hold of the girl. You know, he likes the smell of other people’s… I won’t say no more but I do want the smoke.”

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