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George Saint-Pierre vs Kamaru Usman – Chael Sonnen’s GOAT discussion


Chael Sonnen’s take on the GOAT debate.

Chael Sonnen admitted to loving his role as an MMA agitator, as he claimed that he loves the GOAT debate for the sheer fact that he gets to see how much it pisses people off. The reason being, he doesn’t think that it can be answered.

“We can’t figure it out, we can’t prove it because George is not going to fight Usman and if George did fight Usman, they would fit into the discussion, ahead of time that this isn’t the same George that it once was so that Usman can’t get his full credit. It’s impossible that’s why it’s so annoying”

Sonnen said he’s proud of Usman for brushing the discussion off and moving on from it. While that’s the case he feels like it must feel pretty good for GSP.

“I would imagine if you’re in George’s spot, you’re not competing anymore, that’s probably a pretty damn good feeling.

“You may not admit it publicly, but if you could keep it alive and there’s a debate and you’re still winning the debate, that probably feels pretty good. That’s called legacy.

“Kamaru’s living as champion of the world, George is living as an icon. You don’t feel bad for either one of them but they are different.”

The Variables

When it comes to figuring out who truly is the GOAT, attempting to apply logic can be tricky. Even using flawed metrics, the generation gap can become a bit much.

“Now, how are we going to decide this? If we can’t get George and Kamaru in there, how are we going to decide it?

“This is what we do. We go to the next best thing, which is Kamaru’s hardest fight, which is Colby Covington, versus George’s hardest fight, which is Johny Hendricks, and then we’re going to figure out who’s better between Johny Hendricks and Colby Covington. Problem. We can’t do it. Johny’s not competing anymore.

“We’re going to go to another variable. The night they won the championship. We’re going to take Matt Hughes and we’re going to put him against Tyron Woodley.

“One problem, we can’t do it. They’re not fighting anymore. What do we do? How can we possibly get this done.”

As much as that system would still cause many of the same issues even if those fights could play out, the generation gap extends too far for it to even be a possibility.

Circumstance favours GSP.

There a few elements that could favour Geroge Saint-Pierre in the GOAT debate and one of which is the varied roster of opponents that he repeatedly cleared out.

“This is why nobody can beat him in the argument. George got matched up with the guys of yesterday. The BJ Penns of the world… he got matched up with them. You can’t force your matchups but he did.

“He then was good enough to become world champion and not only clean out the roster, but also clean it out for a second time.

“Then, by coincidence, one of the guys that he beat, Johny Hendricks, went on and had his own run in the new era.”

This is a big issue for the debate because while it does highlight GSP’s calibre, it, unfortunately, means that Kamaru Usman’s legacy could depend on Colby Covington’s success after he retires.

“So, when Usman finally does step aside, after he beats the hell out of the division, not only once, it looks like Usman’s going to give everyone an ass-whooping twice, he then has to cross his fingers and hope to the moon and stars above that one of the guys that he beat, is still good enough to go and grab the belt and run off or he doesn’t tie George.”

Sonnen didn’t fail to mention Khabib Nurmagomedov in all this but feels that someone he has beaten will have to beat Charles Oliveira for him to even possibly join the conversation.

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