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“Without us fighting to the death, people don’t know how much better I was” – Gaethje explains Colosseum comment

Gaethje Colosseum

Justin Gaethje explains his Colosseum comment.

Justin Gaethje was speaking to Brett Okamoto of ESPN MMA and explained his comments from UFC 268. He had said that he and Chandler were born at the wrong time and should have been fighting in a Colosseum.

Okamoto asked if he still meant that or if the idea of living and dying by the sword might have changed his mind. The idea of dying by the sword still isn’t a concept that Gaethje believes would concern him.

He said: “I wouldn’t be dead, they would be dead. I’d still be alive, I’d still have like 500 babies you know and it’s just different times.”

Gaethje’s reasoning for the comments was actually because he thought it would be the only way to prove the difference in talent.

“In a way I was saying that because this wasn’t over. It’s hard to understand how much damage I incurred, he incurred and what actually happened in there.

“Without us fighting to the death, people don’t know how much better I was. So that was my only reason I got that but no I’m glad I don’t have to kill these guys… but, we are those dudes, from that time, living in today.”

Gaethje’s next bout

Another element of Gaethje’s post-fight interview that was of interest, was the idea of a title shot being next for him. Gaethje had said he would riot if he didn’t get it and while he wasn’t as extreme this time, he still stands by the idea.

“The travesty to the integrity of the sport would be too great if I didn’t get it.

“Before they could have done it but now, I would hope some journalist would make some people answer some really hard, serious questions if I didn’t get the shot.”

The title bout would be against the winner of Dustin Poirier vs Charles Oliveira supposing things go according to plan.

The idea of calling them out and sitting front-row to cause drama is of no interest to Gaethje though, as He believes his actions speak volumes. If he were to go to the event, it would be because he loves fighting.

“I wouldn’t mind being in the building to watch the fight. I love MMA, I love watching fights, I love being in that crowd and that whole thing but I don’t need to say anything.

“Nothing is as consistent and constant as myself in that arena… I could do things outside of the cage to increase my popularity amongst the general population but I don’t got to do a thing to make money and fight because of the way that I am.

“That’s my favourite thing. I don’t have to be Colby Covington to get paid in this.”

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