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“I’m the most knowledgeable MMA fighter that there is” – Frank Mir ahead of Kubrat Pulev bout

Frank Mir

Frank Mir still proving himself.

While Frank Mir admits that he’s in the latter stages of his career, Mir still seems set on proving how diverse his abilities are.

While speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Mir said that his goal is to prove his striking as he believes he has ‘the Michael Vick curse’.

“For the last part of my career, I’ve been really pushing to try different things and push the striking aspect of my martial arts training. I always tell you I have the Michael Vick curse.

“Every time I fight an MMA fight, even if I knock out Mirko [Cro Cop] with a knee or Cheick Kongo with an overhand left, everybody talks about submissions.

Moving on in his career, Mir feels it is important to showcase his knowledge as he moves towards a coaching role.

“I’m accomplished there but now that I’m a part-owner of Syndicate now and I’m coaching there and my daughter with her career, I wanted to push and showcase that I’m skilled in all aspects of MMA.

“In my opinion, I’m the most knowledgeable MMA fighter that there is in the world, so I just wanted to showcase that also my striking skills were also very knowledgeable, I knew what I was doing.”

Triad Combat ruleset

Switching disciplines is always tough for a fighter but Mir is happy that Triad Combat’s ruleset should help him when going up against a boxing specialist following his previous loss to Steve Cunningham on the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren card.

“I jumped into the boxing match with Steve Cunningham and I thought I made a good showing of my boxing range there and here when this opportunity came up I was trying new things and pushing myself.

“It still doesn’t allow me to do takedowns or use my ground skills but I think this definitely helps close the gap, as far as competing with a boxer because now I can utilize my clinch.”

Luckily for Mir, he is used to bare-knuckle rules which he feels aren’t too different.

“This is basically bare-knuckle rules with gloves and adding a spinning back-knuckle. The tie-ups and throwing from the tie-ups, it was an easy transition. We’re only going to wear MMA gloves… well that’s what we’re doing when we spar for bare-knuckle.

“We all wear the eight-ounce MMA gloves. I mean, the only thing that changed for me was now I can throw a spinning back-knuckles.”

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