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Fernand Lopez refers to Francis Ngannou as a son in bid to end beef

Ngannou Lopez

Fernand Lopez hopes to end beef with Francis Ngannou

Fernand Lopez admitted on Submission Radio that he is sick of the beef between him and Francis Ngannou, expressing a desire to end it.

The rivalry came from an unusual place and grew quite a bit with media involvement, but Lopez still thinks of Nganou as a son.

“I have two sons and you wish me to tell you who is better than who.

“This will get me in trouble because the other son will say, oh, he’s starting to put me down again, to say bad things about me again. So let it be.”

Lopez praised both fighters and also gave Ngannou the credit he deserves.

“These two guys are very good guys. They are very good fighters, they are top of the world.

“I think one is the strongest guys we can have and with the power and a lot of intelligence and the other one is a computer. A computer but a heavyweight computer that is strong.

Sick and tired.

Lopez is completely fed up with the situation of comparing the two and commenting on the drama. He even said he’d rather discuss golf on the podcast.

“I don’t want to compare them because I might sound bitter and salty and I don’t want to keep doing that.

“I’m totally sick, my man, and tired. I can’t do that anymore.”

Lopez prides himself on being authentic but feels that it can get him in trouble in situations like this.

“Being authentic is not an easy thing to do. Whenever you attempt to do it you will get in trouble at some point. I’m sick of it and I’d like to speak about anything else.

“I will be authentic but I don’t want to sound like the ex-wife who doesn’t let go because they split.”

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