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Francis Ngannou wanted Israel Adesanya for training camp

Francis Ngannou Israel Adesanya

Francis Ngannou claims he would have gotten Israel Adesyanya for Ciryl Gane training camp if it wasn’t for Covid restrictions

Francis Ngannou was full of praise for fellow champ, Israel Adesanya, as he claimed he was the best striker in the game.

While he was aware his judgment may seem clouded because of the African link between the two, he didn’t hold back the high praise.

“It’s really hard for me to make a clear statement on [Israel Adesanya] because it’s going to be emotional,” Ngannou said on his YouTube channel.

“I took Izzy as a brother so things that I say about him might not be considered by somebody.

“I say, he’s a great guy, the best striker in the game.”

A top training partner

Ngannou would have been more than happy to prove his beliefs as he was looking to get Adesanya to help him with his training camp. He even claims he would have, had it not been for Covid regulations.

“By the way, I tried to get him for this training camp, but travel restrictions with New Zealand wasn’t really helpful for us so we couldn’t make it.”

While Adesanya will be busy getting ready for his rematch with Robert Whittaker, Ngannou said that Adesanya would have loved to have helped him prepare for the Ciryl Gane bout.

Ngannou also said that a big reason he went for Adesanya is that he sees him as being capable of doing everything that Gane does but with even more skill.

“He would have loved to come here and help me for the striking part of the game, the footwork and everything. When you look at his style, he just does everything that Ciyrl does but in a better way.

“He was willing to come down here and help me for my camp, but couldn’t make it.”

Francis Ngannou is set to fight Ciryl Gane on the 23rd of January for the heavyweight title.

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