Francis Ngannou comments on Dana White’s absence from UFC 270 press conference and octagon

Francis Ngannou Dana White

Francis Ngannou didn’t seem impressed that Dana White wasn’t the one to present him with his belt.

Francis Ngannou denied that the decision for Mick Maynard to put the belt around him instead of Dana White was his.

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask him. I did not have anything to do with that, I think that was their decision, I’m about to ask about that too,” said Ngannou in the post-fight press conference.

The awkward situation comes in a turbulent time in White and Ngannou’s relationship as Ngannou has been vocal about his disappointment regarding his UFC contract.

“It’s been a long time that I’ve been wondering about my future in the company so nothing has changed, I’m still in the same position.”

A drawn out dispute.

Ngannou’s contract dispute has been gaining headlines for a while now, but he denied the idea that money was the sole issue in the dispute, claiming that he felt disrespected by the UFC.

“It’s not simply money. I mean, money is a part of it but it’s also the terms of the contract that I don’t agree with, I don’t feel like it’s fair, I don’t feel like I’m free.”

Ngannou’s comments at the moment all seem to point to move towards boxing.

The inability to try boxing was also a dividing factor in his contract disputes, so Ngannou’s freedom from his UFC contract will most likely lead to him attempting to make it in a different sport instead of re-signing with the UFC.

“I don’t feel like I have been treated good and it’s unfortunate that I have to be in this position to be able to say that.

“I think it’s something that everybody should at least have a right to claim what’s best for him because, at the end of the day, we put a lot of work in this job, we take a lot in our body to make it happen so at least we can have a fair deal.”

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