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“You’re Mentally Weak & Your Leg Is Compromised.” – Ferguson calls out McGregor

McGregor Ferguson

Tony Ferguson has recently taken to Twitter to call out Conor McGregor and the former champion seems to be interested.

Ferguson has decided to call out Conor McGregor multiple times over the last few days. McGregor, who is still healing from a leg injury he sustained in his bout against Dustin Poirier, didn’t seem too impressed with some of Ferguson’s accusations.

After posting a picture on Twitter of himself, McGregor started to receive comments that he was looking stronger than usual. McGregor explained that since his injury, he brought in some heavy weights since he couldn’t move much.

“I could not move the last 3 months, so I brought heavy weights to me, and moved them. Repetitively. Play with the cards you are dealt. My power is up over 50%.”

Ferguson calls out McGregor

Tony Ferguson didn’t seem to believe him, accusing McGregor of taking growth hormones.

“Taking Growth Hormone Will Do That To Someone’s Build. You’re Mentally Weak & Your Leg Is Compromised.

“Your Fragile, Frail & Breakable. That GH Gon’ Make U Break Kid. Keep Pumpin’ Ya Chest Ya Cheat. Not The 1st Time God Punished You. You Like Picking On People And DJ’s? WTF P**sy.”

McGregor responds

McGregor wasted no time in responding with plenty of criticism ready for Ferguson too

“Omg, god bless you kid. Mental basket sad case. I am going to share your scared wife’s video that was sent to us of you screaming crying as you smash your house up. What a sad bastard you are. No brains. Empty head. Losing streak. No management. Wife sending us videos in fear.”

McGregor didn’t leave it there and was sure to say that the two will meet in the octagon, with a darker tone than usual.

“Me and you are fighting one day mate and I gonna end your life in there full of it. Sauce. Money. Power. I already won all the belts and the money in this game I just wanna kill one of yous rats in there now it’s the only thing left for me to do. And Watch me do it. Only on PPV.”

McGregor has since deleted some of his more sinister tweets but has still left up some criticism of Ferguson. With both fighters coming off losses in the lightweight division, could this be the fight to either remake or brake one of the fighters.

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