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Francesco Facchinetti says Bella Thorne may be the reason Conor McGregor allegedly hit him

Thorne McGregor

Francesco Facchinetti has bizarrely linked Bella Thorne to the night of the alleged assault from Conor McGregor but still can’t find any logic in the situation.

While in Rome for a preview of her new movie with husband Benjamin Mascolo, Bella Thorne met up with Conor McGregor and Franceso Facchinetti on the night of the alleged assault.

Facchinetti claimed that he had been having a good time at the hotel but that things changed around the time Thore and her husband were set to leave.

“Around 3 o’clock, Bella spoke with Ben because in that day there was the premiere in Rome and the day after, the same premiere in Milan.

“She spoke with Ben and said, ‘hey Ben I think it’s better if we go to the hotel because tomorrow we have to leave Rome at midday.’  Ben went to Conor and said to him, ‘hey Conor, we have to go.’

The bizarre link

Facchinetti, who has been trying to find a reason why McGregor would have wanted to hit him before the alleged assault took place, could only find one possible link.

“Ben said to him, hey guys we have to go to the hotel and he (McGregor) say no guys stay here for another 10 minutes, 15 minutes.

“In that moment, his brain completely switch, turn off.”

This is the point where Facchinetti claims that McGregor punched him. Facchinetti was surprised at the time but claims he has seen this behaviour before.

“I was DJ when I was young, work in the nightclub for 20 years, was owner of lot of nightclub and I saw that type of stuff, when your brain turn off in one second.

“He punch me in my face. It’s like that. Imagine you are in front of me and we speak for two hours and chilling and smiling and I punch you,. After two hours, out of the blue.”

A bizarre situation

While Facchinetti admits that the reasoning was bizarre, it seems to be the only thing he thinks could have triggered McGregor but he maintains that he doesn’t know with any level of certainty why he was hit.

“I try to find something and I think it’s that point but I don’t know. Also if his mind change for that it’s crazy. It’s crazy but his mind change in that moment.”

The Italian DJ said that the alleged incident could have been worse had it not been for McGregor’s security team coming to Facchinetti’s rescue.

“I was lucky because his friends and his bodyguard immediately, in one second, they took him and put him on the wall and after they take him outside the room because he tried to do more on me.

“The boss of bodyguard came to me, tried to help me. If you do something bad to Conor, the bodyguard try to help you? No.

“The situation was completely chilling situation.”

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