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“He has to coach you like every athlete” – Cormier on Ladd’s relationship with coach

Ladd's coach

Daniel Cormier has continued his defence of Aspen Ladd’s coach, this time exploring the external relationship

Daniel Cormier was talking to co-host, Ryan Clark, about Aspen Ladd’s coach and boyfriend, Jim West, and continued to defend him against recent criticism.

West had been vocal in Ladd’s corner and while his intent was to motivate, some believe that he may have crossed a line. Cormier looked at tweets from Miesha Tate, Lando Vannata and Belal Muhammad and wasn’t happy with what he saw, saying of Tate’s, “This one here took the cake. This one drove me a little nuts.”

Cormier then asked Clark for his opinion. Clark had dealt with some tough coaches in his time and said “if this is the way your trainer or coach approaches their job, I believe that you can handle it.”

Following on from Clark’s point, one element that bothered Cormier about Tate’s tweet was that the term abuse painted a bad picture of West.

“Miesha Tate saying this is abuse is also eluding to their relationship outside of fighter-coach because that’s Aspen Ladd’s boyfriend too. She’s almost painting an unfair picture of Jim West and their relationship… for us to ignore that is not fair because I think that’s where she’s judging him, as opposed to just fighter-athlete. When in that situation, it is fighter-athlete.

Separating the personal and the professional

Clark then asked if West should coach differently or be perceived differently because of their relationship? To which, he responded, “In that moment, the outside relationship is out the window.”

Separating the personal from the professional was important to DC with his opinion being that there’s no point having the person in a relationship with you in that position if it hinders their abilities. Another example that the situation brought to light was that of Lauren Murphy.

“We saw Lauren Murphy a few weeks ago with her husband cornering her. Doing the absolute wrong thing Ryan but you know what Lauren Murphy’s thought was on the way Aspen Ladd was getting coached. ‘Oh no, he should have did better. He should have been more thoughtful.’ So that tells me that Lauren Murphy’s husband essentially had no choice but to reassure her when things were going absolutely wrong because then that may go back to the house with them. That’s unfair.

“He has to coach you like he is going to coach every other athlete that he has in the octagon.”

Clark then made the point that what we saw was the authentic coaching style of West and that the reaction had been different in the past when she responded well to the motivation.

Clark said, “I feel like Jim West does that.” To which Cormier responded, “Exactly, so it was him. That was him, that was his coaching style but it’s like we’re expecting him to coach differently because it’s a girl.

“I think it’s the optics of it that made people go crazy though because Aspen was almost shrinking in herself when he was going at her and that’s why people were up in arms

An issue Clark took to this situation was that it was completely result based. A factor that West wouldn’t know in advance.

“We’re looking at the outcome,” said Clark. “It almost seems like she’s being beat up in the octagon and she’s also being beat up in her corner through words.”

The part that Clark then focussed on was that in family and relationships, you want the person to win even more, saying of his own family, “I want them to win more than I want to win.”

Cormier then brought one final piece of important context.

“It’s a fight, they’re not playing croquet”

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