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“Maybe Gaethje should fight Islam” – Poirier weighs in on next title fight contender option

Poirier title

Poirier gives his take on the lightweight title shot debate.

Dustin Poirier was on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani when he came up with his solution to the controversy of who would get the next title fight.

Regardless of who comes out on top on December 12th, Poirier’s idea would facilitate all the current top fighters. While he claims he hasn’t thought about what would come after the Charles Oliveira fight, he thinks the winner of Justin Gaethje vs Islam Makhachev would be a worthy opponent.

“I honestly don’t think that far ahead into it because I have my hands full. Like I always say, I don’t like to look too much into the future but this is one fight since the title fight so obviously, he [Gaethje] is still the number two ranked guy. Islam is on a huge streak.

“It’s not my call, maybe Islam needs to fight one more top contender and then he’s next. I don’t know maybe Gaethje should fight Islam and that way they settle it, that’s the beautiful thing about fighting, right? Just fight it out.”

Gaethje vs Chandler

When reviewing Gaetje’s fight with Michael Chandler, however, Poirier claimed that neither of the two could fight for a title like that, regardless of how entertaining it was.

“You have to tighten it up, you have to be technical, you have to be a thinking man, not just a brute in there.

“Not just a wrecking ball or you go in there and get matadored and that’s what I would do to those guys if they fought me that way but that’s not the fight we’re fighting.”

Gaethje had recently said that that he could see Poirier walking away from the octagon depending on the results of his Oliveira fight nut Poirier denied having an urge to do so even though he has the means to call it quits.

“Nah man, I’m a fighter. I’m fortunate enough now, with this year that I’ve had.

“I could walk away, it’s a great position to be in but these guys need ass-whoopings and I’m the guy to give it to ’em and we can’t walk away like that Ariel.”

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