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Dominick Cruz maintains stance on Daniel Cormier’s commentary but claims media twisted his words.

Dominick Cruz Daniel Cormier

Dominick Cruz believed that the media had twisted his words following his recent comments about Daniel Cormier.

Despite an impressive win at UFC 269, Dominick Cruz seems to be getting more attention for his recent comments about Daniel Cormier not doing his research.

Cruz said: “When it comes to DC (Cormier), I usually mute it. I love DC, he’s my friend but to me, from my experience, he doesn’t do the homework. He wants to get in and out, get the job done.”

Unsurprisingly, these comments made headlines but Cruz claims that they were made with love and constructive criticism in mind but also with a lack of food in his stomach.

“I don’t regret what I said because I hadn’t eaten in three days, I hadn’t drank in two days, they’re asking me questions, I spoke from the heart.

“I never really regret what I say because I wasn’t mean, I was very loving.”

The Media

Cruz did seem to have a bone to pick with the media, however, as he claimed that his big regret in the situation was saying it somewhere that had so many reporters around.

“What I regret, I guess, is where I said it. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it there because then that allowed the media to take it and do whatever they wanted with it.”

This wasn’t the only situation that has caused Cruz to question the media lately. Cruz has begun to question the spin that has been placed on his comments more as he learns from the Cormier situation.

“I said it after my post-fight too. I gave credit to Marc Goddard and the Los Vegas commission for the show they did with the show and I heard it in that moment in the interview.

“He said, ‘Well look, you took a stab at Keith Peterson and you gave kudos to Marc Goddard,’ and I said, ‘Hold on one second, that’s exactly what happened with me and Cormier right there.’ You can twist it and hear your interpretation and write a headline that everybody’s gonna click. That’s the world we live in today”

Despite the situation varying more than he’s claiming, as he did directly make the Cormier comments that he’s being accused of, Cruz thinks that his words are being spun against him.

“The truth is, I never said anything bad about Keith Peterson. You did. I gave kudos to Marc Goddard and that got turned into me talking bad about Keith Peterson.

“How does that happen? That’s the world we live in today because we take interpretations and we make them facts and everything’s a mess.”

Cruz and Cormier now.

Despite the recent interaction that we’ve seen between the two, Cormier and Cruz seem to be back on track.

Cormier had been ok with Cruz’s comments but was also annoyed with where he had said them. While Cormier believes that he does his research, the two still argued on Cormier’s Youtube.

The situation seems to have improved since then but Cruz maintains his stance on Cormier’s research.

“Look, you and me both know I love Cormier… How do you not love Cormier? This was a completely different conversation. This was about job and what is your job.

“‘Not everybody needs to do it your way Dom,’ I hear you. My point is, what is the job of a colour analyst. Not what is my job as a colour analyst… Is it just to know off the top of your head what these guys do?”

Cruz believes that Cormier’s current lack of research is unfair to the fighters as it could make him make some unfair and inaccurate comments.

“Put yourself in their position Cormier. Would you want somebody to watch film before you fight, or would you not? That was the only question I asked… I simply asked questions.”

Why it came up now.

Despite all this, Cruz doesn’t claim that Cormier is bad at his job or that Cruz himself is perfect. Cruz simply claims that he was answering what was asked of him.

“I think DC always does the best job he can and I always do the best job I can. I’m not perfect either.

“There’s a million people in this world who will hear my commentary and say, ‘Dominick Cruz is not good,’ okay, that’s fine.

“I’ve never said a thing about the commentary until people started asking me. If you ask me, I’m going to tell you but I have no complaints because I know that position is a very hard position to be in.”

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