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Dillon Danis explains what happened to Jake Paul bout

Danis Jake Paul

Dillon Danis recently spoke to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour about why his fight with Jake Paul never went ahead

Helwani asked Danis why his fight with Jake Paul never went ahead and while his initial response was “I had the knee surgery,” he very quickly went on to say that Jake Paul was the issue.

“Jake Paul’s a little b***h, this motherf***er does the same thing with Tommy Fury. He DM’s you and Is like, ‘Oh I’ll give you a million dollars bro’ and was like OK talk to my manager.

“That’s not how the deals work. that’d be like if I text you guys ‘ yeah I’m going to do this interview today. I’m going to give you 5 million dollars in a DM, that’s how he does it.”

Dillon Danis on Jake Paul.

Danis believes that Paul oversimplifies the offer without the means to back it up. He also believes that Tommy Fury has experienced the same issues.

“I don’t know Tommy Fury, I don’t really know anything about him but I see him saying the same thing. Jake just DM’s you and is like, ‘hey bro, you want to fight for a million dollars. I’m like OK but talk to the managers.

“Then when it comes to the managers they’re like, ‘no he’s just lying, he doesn’t even have that kind of money.'”

After the Askren fight

While the knee injury was still an issue, Danis apparently contacted Paul after the Ben Askren fight. He was looking for the next opportunity but claimed that Paul was done with him after that.

“So it’s just bull***t. The funny thing is I told him, listen, I just had this knee surgery I need two more months. Before he was going to fight Ben Askren I said give me two months. Didn’t want to fight.

“I said bro, you’ve been trying to call me out for two years, I was like, you can’t wait two months. Then he knocks out Ben Askren who’s f**king terrible and then I was like, Ok, let’s fight now and then literally a month later he’s like, I don’t want to fight you anymore. I don’t want to do this… he’s just a bullsh**ter bro.”

Not satisfied with giving out about Jake Paul, Danis made sure to criticise Tommy Fury’s last opponent, claiming that Helwani could even beat him.

“He’s fighting Tommy Fury. Do you know how bad that guy he just fought is… You know how bad that guy is. Bro, you would beat that guy’s ass… He’s like really bad.”

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