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Derek Brunson calls for simple change to USADA ‘the worst testing program’

Derek Brunson

Derek Brunson believes there’s a simple solution to USADA’s biggest issue.

Being a professional fighter is already quite a tough gig but when it comes to rigorous testing requirements and rules surrounding travel, Derek Brunson believes USADA can be a massive inconvenience.

With plenty of rule breaks and punishments coming from fighters simply not updating their locations, Brunson believes that there’s a better way for USADA to keep tabs on fighters.

“USADA has to be the worst testing program out there,” said Brunson.


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“Imagine trying to handle business outside of the octagon and having to take quick flights to check on properties, having a family and other stuff going on, etc and them giving you failures because you forgot to update the glitchy app. There are several athletes out here taking peds but no one failing.

“Get your GPS feature back. Giving someone a failed whereabouts isn’t the same as someone failing a ped test…”


When it comes to travel, Brunson simply claims that moving around enough means he’s bound to miss out on a location update or two and since GPS tracking seeming like an available option, he thinks the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

“Just to be clear. USADA gave me a whereabouts infraction because I didn’t update my location. Stating I have 2 whereabouts infractions and 1 more could result in a 2-year suspension.

“They used to have GPS tracking, maybe get back the system that worked for fighters!”

Brunson’s comments caused quite a lot of fans to take a shot at him for forgetting to update his details himself so he made sure to clarify just how easy of a mistake it is to make while also taking a shot at fighters who typically complain about their pay.

“I do (update my location), but with multiple businesses, it’s easy to forget a time or two.

“I’m not one of these fighters on social media complaining about being underpaid. I go out and make things happen.

“I’ve made more money outside the octagon! Respect my time and update your system is all I ask!”

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