Darren Till defends the UFC’s treatment of fighters amidst pay complaints

Darren Till fighter pay

Darren Till claims the UFC bring more to the table than just money and defends the organisation from fighter pay complaints

Darren Till has praised the UFC for helping him while he was in a bad way. Between coming off a loss and injuries, Till claims that the UFC did a lot to help him and defended the company against unfair fighter pay allegations.

“A lot of people talk about fighter pay and, ‘Oh, Dana and Hunter don’t pay this or don’t do that.

“People seem to forget that we’ve got a 20 million dollar facility there open for all UFC fighters with food, with nutrition, with strength training, with anything you want.

“If you want to sleep there I’m pretty sure you could and I stayed there for three months and I was treated like a god by the UFC team, Dana and Hunter.”

While he admitted that it’s not all perfect, he said that fighters should consider what’s there for them before complaining.

“Obviously, there’s flaws in this game for fighters but before you get on and start criticizing the UFC or whatever, just remember what you’ve got at your feet.”

Radio silence

Till has remained relatively quiet after his last loss to Derek Brunson. After the fourth loss of his last five fights, Till admitted that he couldn’t understand losing to someone he viewed as a worse fighter.

“Fair dues to Derek Brunson. He beat me fair and square. It just hurt a little bit. I don’t want to disrespect Brunson by saying this but I just feel like I lost to a man who I should never lose to.

“I am a better fighter than Derek Brunson. Yeah, he took me down but on my best day, Brunson takes me down and I bounce right back up and get the finish. It stung a little bit Ariel but, you know what? I see a lot of new cats coming through the UFC.”

While there will be new opportunities appearing before him, Till is enjoying taking some time off to get his mind right.

“I just want to step back and take stock on what’s important to me. What’s important to me in my life and fighting’s still the number one thing in my life and I just know my potential through and through.

“I’ve had a few losses. That’s it. I’ve had more wins than I’ve had losses. I think I’ve had three or four losses or some shit like that and see what I want and I know exactly what I want and I’m still young.”

Still time?

When looking at his age, Till still thinks that there is ample time for him to mentally reset before coming back stronger than before.

“I see my age and I compare it to all these other guys in the UFC. For the amount I’ve done already in the UFC, I’m fairly young.

“I feel like I’m only going to get better and learn and I’ve just got to be humble with it and understand. I’ve got to be like a realist with it.”

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