Daniel Cormier defends Aspen Ladd’s coach

Cormier Coach

Aspen Ladd’s coach has come under fire for the way he talked to Ladd between rounds but Daniel Cormier has been vocal in his support for the coach.

Daniel Cormier has taken to Twitter to express that Aspen Ladd’s coach, Jim West, had done a fine job in Ladd’s corner despite him receiving criticism for being too harsh on Ladd.

West has since apologised for the situation but explained that he thought he would get more out of Ladd with emotion than “technical conversation”, an opinion that Cormier shares as he responded to the apology.

“Now a coach has to apologize for how he talks to his athlete?” said Cormier. “I disagree! I’ve heard much worse from my coaches and the coach knows how his athlete will respond. I prefer this to some of the other cornering we’ve seen lately.”

Following the release of more corner footage, Cormier continued defending the West. Cormier broke down the conversation between the coach and fighter and believed no apology was necessary.

Cormier’s take on the video

“This is the greatest defense of a coach I’ve seen in a long time. Watching this video you see how Coach started, got frustrated, got his fighter to win a round and maybe two. If we live in a world where this is bad then I don’t know. No sorry needed!”

West began to ramp up at the end of the third round as he realised that a decision win would be very unlikely. Ladd has previously seen improvements in her performance following a motivational speech from her coach and judging by her performance in the last two rounds, this fight was no exception.

While Ladd did show up for the last two rounds following the talk from her coach, some believed the coaches actions to be more serious with Miesha Tate tweeting, “This is ABUSE, what a douche.”

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